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Friday Things

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a fantastic, relaxing day but I didn’t have many plans, because literally all I want is a baby. I hoped it would be Muffin’s birthday, but she does not want to come out.

Due Date:
Baby had her due date on the 24th, and she’s still hanging out in the belly and there wasn’t a lot of progress at our most recent check-up. So the latest news is that we have an induction scheduled for Monday. If she doesn’t appear on her own this weekend, our cozy girl is going to hopefully make her appearance then.

I feel like all my pictures are the same thing. Bump photos – it’s weird to think my bump won’t be there anymore. Although some things will be easier – getting out of bed, shaving my legs, getting off the couch like a person instead of a puppy that is too fat to get off its back, etc.

Doctor Who Accessories:
I’ve already bought her a Doctor Who headband, because of course I have. There may be some Doctor Who themed newborn photos ahead. I may be freaking out.
I love getting surprises in the mail, like stuff I signed up for months ago and then forgot about. I signed up for a free baby box from Sam’s Club and it’s pretty cute. It came with this awesome board book.
Greg took me out for birthday night dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, Home Grown Cafe. I got the seitan cobb wrap, which was all kinds of delicious, and it was so nice to get out.

Keep watching Instagram… if anything crazy happens, like having a baby, I will let you know.

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Things I Love to Dislike

… Celebrity news – I have not read any Brangelina news and I don’t read much/any celebrity news. I’m not that interested and I feel weird reading celebrity relationship stories anyway and pretty much don’t believe anything I hear.

… Any housewife show – I tried, but I cannot sit through an episode. All that keeps running through my mind is, “Why? Why do they care?” I just can’t get interested in rich ladies talking behind each others’ back. Whatever the draw is, it’s not for me! I have recently watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, though, so who am I to say what to watch.

… Beer – I feel like flavored beers are such a trap. Before I turned 21, I was so excited about pumpkin flavored beers, only to be utterly disgusted when I finally had one. Beer and I have never become friends. My favorite drinks are ciders, but I haven’t missed drinking much since becoming pregnant since I didn’t do it often.

… Cats – Just kidding, I love my cats. I put this in here only because my cat is running rampant around my house right now scratching everything in sight out of… what? boredom? an effort to annoy me?

... Spicy food – I wish I liked spicy food, sometimes, but it is not for me. When I eat it, all I can taste is hot. And if there are certain spices in it, my mouth breaks out and gets all swollen, which is not fun (I’m looking at you, Cool Ranch Doritos, which I realize are not even spicy).

… Snow – When did I stop being a kid and snow became the root of all evil? I am from the South, and snow used to be a magical thing that we rarely got. Now, living in Delaware, we get it every year and I love the light snow but could do without the snow storms. The number of times I have driven through snow pouring down is crazy.

… Politics – I will freely share my views, but seriously – why can’t we all just get along?

… Wearing pants – I’m not sure if I’m ready for fall weather and leg traps, yet. I like the feel of shorts and dresses and no pants!

… Coffee – Again, with the fall thing – I won’t be getting pumpkin spice lattes. I will drink coffee in situations where I reallllly need to wake up, but I am not a big fan. I basically have little kid tastes – I like hot chocolate, and strawberry daiquiris without the liquor.

Anything you agree/disagree with? Please help me see the merits if there are things that you like.


40 Weeks: Bumpdates

We are still here! Obviously, I did not have a baby over the weekend. But, here’s hoping she’ll be here soon! Maybe she’s holding out for my birthday, which is the 29th. Or there is the most probable case, in which she is doing what she wants because she’s a baby.

We have another appointment in a couple days to check on things, so we should find out more then if there’s no news earlier. I can’t believe baby girl is almost here! I don’t know if she realizes that, because she seems pretty cozy.

Size: She is the size of a fully-grown baby. But also this cute and fuzzy animal:

Exercise: Rolling out of bed like a turtle is a kind of exercise. I’ve also been walking every now and then. I’m trying to walk this baby out as much as I can.

Cravings: Rita’s water ice – I will be so sad when it closes for the season! We stopped and I had another chocolate ice with Oreo pieces the other night and Greg got a lemonade ice. I could eat it every day.

Happy thought: It’s in the 70’s, so maternity leggings were broken out. I don’t really like pants, but there is something so comfy about a pair of leggings in cool weather.

Feeling: Back paaaaiiin. Well, it’s more uncomfortable than pain. It happens when I ride in the car for a while. Then we get back home and Greg rubs my back and all is good again.

Enjoying: Reading while I have the time and hanging out with Boba Fett. Hospital bag is mostly packed (some things I use all the time and we will throw in later, like toothbrush etc). Also, I have enjoyed using coupon apps like crazy when we go shopping. I’m obsessed.

Boba is a big fan of hanging out with the belly. I don’t know if he has any idea that a baby is about to take over his spot.

If I do happen to have a baby soon, I’ll update on Instagram, so that’s probably the fastest way to find out (@jeansandatiara), if I don’t have time to update here.


Friday Favorites

… Fall – The weather is finally changing and leaves are falling. I’m looking forward to scarves and having the windows open for a little bit.

… Harry Potter things – Did everyone else get excited that you can discover your Patronus? I was surprised by my result.

… Pumpkin macarons – I bought these at Trader Joe’s and they totally exceeded expectations. So delicious!

… Budget Bytes recipe – I made spinach tomato quesadillas, which came out pretty well. I made four and stuck them in the freezer so I could eat them all week.

… Phone case – I’m still on the lookout for a phone case. Luckily, I should have plenty of time since my phone probably won’t get here till November. I’d love a Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid one. Maybe something like this. Or I might go with the clear case I have now.

… Fall clothes – My baby is due literally tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can wear normal clothes eventually. I have no plans for shopping, but it will be time to break out the fall clothes soon.

… Greg points moment – That time that he told me he thought I already had makeup on and he was serious, even though I didn’t believe him at first. + so many points for him.

… Due date – Happy due date this weekend, baby. She’s due the 24th but hasn’t made her move, yet.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday Thoughts

– My productivity ranges from ‘do all the things’ to ‘do none of the things.’ I cleaned the house one day and the next I did nothing except finish a book. I also went to a doctor’s appointment, so I’m counting that as productivity. The other day, I rolled all of baby girl’s onesies and pajamas to save space. Now we can actually see all of them, which is a positive.

– She felt like she was doing headstands on my cervix off and on all day yesterday. It had me wondering, “Am I going to pee myself?” when standing up, but was relieved to realize, “No. I am not going to pee myself. Not today.”

– I currently have eight books to read on my NetGalley shelf, because I’ve been requesting a lot. I have no idea what amount is normal, but I am actually reading them, so I don’t feel too bad. I also have a few library books checked out, but at least my addiction is free.

– I went to the Verizon store this week, because I installed the iOS 10 update and it pushed my already-full phone to its storage limit. I have so little space remaining and have had my phone a couple years now. I even have all my photos stored elsewhere, and I still have no space. I ended up ordering a new iPhone, because they gave me a lot more credit back for my old phone than if I had switched brands.

So my phone should arrive sometime in November, yippee. Now all I need is a sweet new case – I’d love to find a Disney one. I went with the black this time since I currently have gold so I’m not sure how the clear cases would work out.

– While I was at Verizon, one of the employees checked my cable/internet service that I have through them to see if it was updated enough. It wasn’t – I’m on a super-old plan, and apparently my router was ancient. I haven’t messed with our cable plan since we moved here.

So, he ordered us a new router and upgraded our internet speed and our bill also went down, which was nice. I had to finally sign up for the 2-year agreement, but supposedly military can cancel if we were to get orders to somewhere else, so I figured I’ll deal with that when it comes. I wouldn’t mind kicking cable since I rarely watch it, but Greg watches it for sports and movies, and now our bill is not too outrageous.

– Baby name picking is hard, but we have had one picked out for a while that we both really like. I know someone on my Facebook named their baby the same first name, but since I don’t really see them in person and haven’t talked to them in years, I don’t think I necessarily need to tell them our plans.

I’ve had to get over some baby name hurdles, and I decided that if it’s a name we love, go for it. I know that I want my baby to have a ‘unique’ name, but it’s unlikely that any name I pick will not be used by anyone else. I’d rather go with what we feel we love.

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Currently in Project-ville

There may be some truth to that nesting thing. There is probably a lot of truth to it. I think my sudden urge to buy a hand vacuum may have stemmed from that. Note: I did buy a hand vac and it is awesome. I wish my cats would let me vacuum them.

I am not usually great at doing Pinterest projects, or getting started on any projects, but Greg has been out-Pinteresting me like crazy, so I had to do something.

My Project:

We don’t have a nursery, yet, because we live in a one-bedroom apartment but I hope to one day. Baby girl will need her own room at some point! I saw these really cute under the sea themed nursery pics on Pinterest, and wanted to do something similar for her. I really liked the wood panels idea, so I combined the sea life and wood pieces by doing some paintings. I wanted her to have something colorful and fun, even if we have nowhere to hang them just yet!


Greg’s Projects:
Greg has really been outdoing me in project land, and his woodworking was actually what made me want to make something. He’s been doing amazing stuff, especially for working out of a tiny space in part of our shared garage.

American flag:

This is the project that started them all, and I really love how it came out.

Deer wall art:

He made this for a family member who enjoys hunting and the outdoors.

Patriots logo:

One of his best friends is a big Patriots fan, so this is a surprise gift.


This was a fun project he made from scrap wood. I contributed the screaming pumpkin face.

I love all this stuff, and I have no idea how he does it. I hope he has a bigger area to do it in one day, so he won’t be limited by size.

Our project:
We have been collecting lots and lots of props for baby’s newborn photos. Our photographer suggested wands for the Harry Potter themed photo we want (duh, we have to dress her in Harry Potter outfits as soon as possible), so we found an easy tutorial on how to make our own.

We each made one – Greg’s is on the left and mine is on the right. It has to be the first time I’ve used hot glue in many years.

I started to make headbands, too, but then I realized the truth of this and ordered some from Etsy.

We were both off for a while and had extra time – we are not usually this productive! To be fair, he was way more productive than me. I am still off and getting ready for baby, while he is back at work for now.

Have you done any fun projects, lately?
Do you know of any easy projects to do that are cute and/or cheap?


Fall Goals

I think I may be getting ahead of myself by setting goals, when I’m due to have a baby in somewhere around 8 days, but I might as well put some out there and have the possibility of accomplishing them.

1. Most important: have a baby.
Along with this goal is: naming said baby and feeding and otherwise caring for her. And cuddling, I hope there is lots of cuddling to go along with the screaming and pooping.

2. Keep using apps to save money – Ibotta, Ebates, & Cartwheel.
I have enjoyed Ibotta, as long as I remember to save the receipt and scan it and my items in relatively quickly. I finally started using Ebates and while I’ve only saved a little so far, but it’s nice to get something back. I use Cartwheel all the time and have saved so much with it. Any other good apps or coupons I should know about?

I forgot to add my referral links for Ibotta and Ebates, because I’m silly and don’t think of things like that.
Ibotta: If you join, you get $10, I get $5. I signed up this way through a coworker’s referral, and got $10, so that was sweet. Use the link or referral code: xobrihg.
Ebates: If you join, I get $5, with extra bonuses if I refer more than one person.

3. Take baby for her newborn photos.
I have been planning and accumulating accessories and things for the photos we have planned. I am nervous, becauses I have never had a newborn, much less tried to get a newborn to take photos, but our photographers are lovely and have been so helpful in suggesting ideas and going along with what we want.

4. Find out our immediate plans.
This isn’t totally in my control, but it involves both Greg and I. We would really like to move sometime soon, but it depends on things beginning to get rolling and waiting from there. It’s a military thing, and nothing is fast in the government.

5. Take the baby for a walk.
We have the stroller ready, so if she likes it, I would love to take her outdoors around the neighborhood or to a park.

6. Clean out my closet.
I did this recently, but I like to do it every now and then because there’s always something I can clear out to make more room. I was actually on the waiting list for a ThredUp bag for months and months, and finally I took my bag of clothes to a donation place, because I needed the space for baby stuff storage and it was taking too long. My ThredUp bag arrived literally the same day. I was annoyed, but at least the clothes are going somewhere good.

7. Try new recipes.
I was doing well with this for a while, and I made lots of veggie curries and things, but I haven’t been cooking much new for a bit. It’s a bit tricky since Greg eats meat and I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t mind cooking things just for me.

8. Take fitness as it comes.
I really like getting out and walking right now, and I’m going to have to be patient after baby is here in taking small fitness steps.

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What goals do you have this fall?