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34 Weeks: Bumpdates & Homecoming!

I’ve been absent posting and commenting the last week or so, because of so many exciting things, but I am finally here posting on a Friday night like a weirdo. Someone will read this later, or maybe there are other ladies chilling at home on a Friday night like me.

The most exciting news is that Greg is back!

Look how tan! If you have been out of the loop, which is totally understandable since I barely mentioned it due to wanting to keep things semi-private, Greg was deployed for six months. He just got back, and I could not be happier. We celebrated by going to Chipotle as one of the first places he ate. Chips and guac are one of the best things ever.

I have missed him so much, and life as a pregnant lady is so much better with him here. There are lots of things I didn’t even think to appreciate, like him helping me buckle the sandal that I couldn’t reach to put on because there is a giant belly in the way.

I’m actually a little late on the bumpdate, because tomorrow we hit a new week, but here’s what baby’s been up to this week.

She is really excited Greg is here, because she has been bumping around like crazy. He’s gotten to experience lots of kicks.

I’ve felt up and down. Sometimes I have a good amount of energy and other times I’m wiped or my back hurts and I roll around in weird positions on the couch trying to get comfy.

She’s also turned into a baby dragon and I have been getting crazy heartburn. I just bought a pack of Tums today so hopefully that will help, although there’s been no heartburn today.

I lost track of what fruit size she is, but let’s say at this point, she’s big and will only be getting bigger.

Greg has been awesome and got right into furniture-assembling and getting the house ready. She now has a dresser of her own, from IKEA. We live in a tiny space for the moment (AKA that’s our living room, and no, we don’t have a nursery), so everything is squeezed, but we will make it work.

Our space has been wonderful for the two of us, but once we find out the next steps of what is ahead work/life-wise, a bigger space would be great. We are going to stick with our little space until we have the opportunity for bigger. More to come as we go, since I don’t know a lot now, but life is always changing.

We also got her first set of cloth diapers in the mail the other day, so I am nervous/excited about those. I will update as we see how it goes. We have some small supplies of disposables that we have received, as well.

We have been enjoying the time off and getting lots of baby things done. I feel like there is so much to do, but every little thing helps! Greg is seriously on top of it with assembling three different pieces of new furniture within a week. Thank goodness. We plan to chill out and continue getting some more stuff done this weekend.

12 thoughts on “34 Weeks: Bumpdates & Homecoming!

  1. Awww, I'm SO glad Greg is home now! Moments and days will really start to fly by now that you're reunited and waiting for baby's arrival! And now you get to pick a name!! Woot woot!


  2. So glad that Greg is home and you guys are getting your guac and baby kick feels in. 🙂 So fun. My littlest sister always asks when KC and I will have a baby and I keep telling her there's no room in our tiny space hehehe, but in all actuality, we all do whatever we can/need to when the time comes! Hooray for you guys making your small space work. Being happy and healthy is the important part! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  3. So glad that Greg is back!!! I bet him feeling her move for the first time was the coolest thing ever for him 🙂 Probably what got him assembling all that furniture! We ordered our crib last week! The dresser looks good!


  4. I am so happy for you that Greg is back. I know he's got to be thrilled to see your bump &feel those baby kicks. Enjoy all your time preparing together for that baby.


  5. I am often reading/commenting on blogs on Friday nights and thinking how everyone will know what I weirdo I am not doing anything on Friday nights.
    So happy for you that Greg is home!!!
    I hear you on living a smaller space, My son slept in a bathroom for the first six months!
    PS: Fun facts about the quokka, I did not know such an animal existed but now I think they'd make a nice pet.


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