Friday Thoughts

– Wawa subs are one of the greatest things on this planet.

– After Saturday, my baby will not be the size of an otter anymore, but she’ll always be a wiggly otter to me and I can’t wait to see what her next animal size on my app is.

– I took this photo to document that this is the longest my nails will ever be, naturally. Cheers to pre-natal vitamins. My right hand has suffered some nail casualties the past couple days, but they’ll grow back. They take a little more damage than my left.

– I’m totally fine with nail polish on my toenails, but nail polish on my fingers has been weirding me out the last few months. I’m not sure if it’s a pregnancy thing or if this is just my life now. Nail polish-free and happy.

– IΒ really, really want dog shoes. I keep telling myself I don’t NEED dog shoes, but guys…the dogs.

Β – One good thing about summer is that sometimes you get free veggies. I love that people grow their own vegetables, because it means they start handing them out like candy if they have extra. My coworker gave me a bag full and I am so appreciative of anyone who grows and gifts veggies.

– I slept in an extra hour yesterday because I had a doctor’s appointment and the extra hour is amazing. 6:30 AM never felt so good.

– Although we haven’t decided officially on a baby name, yet, baby does have many nicknames. My mom refers to her as the Ninja Beast, which I couldn’t agree with more.

– I told the medical receptionist that any time for next visit was fine, because my last day of work is August 7th. She asked me if it was because my doctor put me on leave, and I said nope. This was decided by me. I’ve been working in a temporary status, so I had a little wiggle room as to when I could leave. This way, Greg and I will both be off for a little bit before baby. Her due date is September 24th, although you never know when she’ll actually appear.

– I started using this moisturizer and I really like it. It’s kind of weird at first, because it uses zinc as the sunscreen so it goes on a little thick, but it evens out easily and my skin has actually looked brighter and smoother. It also makes me feel better about having daily sun protection from this intense heat, lately.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. I also did a minor update to my sidebar and added a favorite posts page, so if you notice anything wonky let me know. That goes for anything on my blog, anytime!

9 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh, I NEED THOSE SHOES. Right now. Seriously. And yay for time off! I'm so jealous of you πŸ™‚ That's awesome!
    Free veggies from someone's garden is the absolute best!


  2. Ahhh those shoes!!!! I have my own tomatoes and cayenne peppers in my little garden. I have way too many peppers and my tomato plants are dying in the heat so not a surplus of those. My sister gives me tons of squash and zucchini from hers! πŸ™‚ Picking out a name is so hard, right??? I am glad we finally have one!


  3. Those dog shoes are so cute! You should definitely get them πŸ˜‰ and wow your nails are long! I hate hate hate having long nails… I always break them or bend them (ouch!!!) so I keep them short. πŸ˜€


  4. Yes to needing all the dog shoes! Those are so adorable, and I would totally buy them too! And I wish that people in my office grew their own veggies because I would totally be stocking up on all of their extras! I hope that you have a great weekend!


  5. you actually DO need dog shoes.
    i have been looking for a new daily moisturiser that also has SPF, mine has simply not been cutting it lately. i will have to check that stuff out.
    good for you for deciding on the last day of work, i hope i can do the same thing! i'm jealous of your nails, mine have never been that long so i can't wait for pregnancy πŸ˜‰ is your hair absolutely gorgeous as well? haha.
    my coworker is giving me so many free veggies i can't eat them fast enough! it's the best lol


  6. Yay for being able to grow out your nails, mine end up breaking off and annoying me so I always cut them short. The dog shoes are so cute! I always think I need stuff when I know I don't, but I can't help wanting them πŸ™‚


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