26 Weeks: Bumpdates

I feel like I had a productive weekend, and I was definitely not ready to get out of bed this morning and go to work. Maternity leave, please. Although I’m pretty sure my not wanting to wake up early is my natural thought all the time.

I still look at pictures from a couple months ago and can’t believe I thought I had a belly then. How could I ever have been that small? Then again, my baby used to be the size of a blueberry. Now, she’s much bigger and I can feel her little legs moving.

She’s also the size of a coconut.

I don’t know if the bump is obvious, since no one has commented in public about it and definitely no one has asked to touch my belly, thank goodness.

My favorite food is still tacos. When I’m out of fresh avocados, I use the little single serving packs of guacamole, which are perfect when you really need some guacamole. That’s pretty much every day. Beans and rice are my go-to. Tonight, I’m planning on making tempeh bacon tacos.

Workouts are not happening very often, but I’ve recently been able to walk again without getting cramps in my abs and groin, so let’s hope it keeps going for a while.

I adopted a new workout style, because the sun is my enemy and apparently pregnant ladies burn easily, so I wear a trucker hat.

I went to IKEA this weekend and didn’t find anything. I actually was looking for a dresser and had a couple from their website in mind that I wanted to see in person. Of course, on the day that we went they were redoing their dresser section, so most of them weren’t on display. I’ll go back later, since I have other things I can work on, anyway.

Other than a minor freakout over the weekend over my glucose test, we have been doing well. I failed the one-hour glucose test and had to go back and take a three-hour test that requires fasting overnight. It wasn’t too bad besides me being extremely worried about the results. I felt terrible when they told me I failed the first test, and may have cried a lot. Lots of ugly crying. But we got the good news the other day – I passed the three-hour test! I apparently do not have gestational diabetes, and I can eat a doughnut if I decide I want a doughnut (I added in my own medical advice). I haven’t had one in ages, but I like being able to if I want one.

9 thoughts on “26 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. I think everyone fails that 1 hour test… but glad you passed the other one.
    Your bump is looking so dang cute. Little coconut. coconuts are light to carry.
    I LOVE those guac individual things. I always keep those on hand.


  2. Aww, I'm sorry failing the 1-hour test made you so upset! And boo on IKEA, lol! It sounds like you've found some silver linings, though! And I think your bump is definitely noticeable from the photos! I think people are just nervous to say anything during those middle few weeks of pregnancy 🙂


  3. I failed the one-hour test last year when I was pregnant with Abel and had a serious meltdown in the doctor's office – So embarrassing! I passed the three-hour too but it's no picnic. Hooray for donuts! I probably eat enough donuts for both of us. 🙂


  4. Diabetes is terrifying. I've been worried about that from time to time when my blood sugar starts to get wonky, but it's even easier to get while pregnant, which scares me! But anyway, I'm glad you don't have it and everything was ok, even though the testing was sucky. And I love the animal pictures! Slow loris, who knew?


  5. OMG, everyone wanted to touch my bump once it started to really show up. ANNOYING.

    You look fantastic! Boooo for the three-hour glucose test, but amen for passing! Love seeing how you're doing as Muffin grows! xo


  6. you are so freaking cute. congrats on passing the 3 hour test, you deserve a doughnut! hope you are feeling good and all that jazz. your first bump pic looks like me after a big meal, but in your workout clothes it looks.. not bigger, but more defined. sorry you didn't find a dresser at ikea, how rude.


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