25 Weeks: Bumpdates

Week 25 is halfway through, and the bump grows bigger and the ninja kicks get more ninja-y.

I wear a uniform to work, and totally forgot to take any bump pics this week except for my new maternity items. I’m so excited about those! After work, I generally go straight into the shower to wash off the sweaty day and then it’s pajamas and no bra. I look forward to pajamas every day.

My mood has been good and I’m slightly less hormonal than I have been in past weeks, for now. Although yesterday I was grumpy because I didn’t want to talk to anyone after work and was pouting that I would have to put a bra on because my friend was coming over to scoop the cat litter.

Baby is still kicking in the same spot on my right side, which is her favorite. It really takes a beating, but I love it.

She’s also the size of a large cucumber, but a prairie dog is easier to imagine and more cuddly.

The answer to the question of is my home ready for Muffin yet is no. The house is so not ready. There are so many boxes that I can’t open yet, because they would probably take up more room opened than they are now. But, I am planning a trip to Ikea this weekend to look for a dresser so that I can at least put away her clothes and other baby items.

I’ve been eating lots of delicious foods, although I try to eat out only on the weekend. I still go out occasionally for lunch, but it works for the most part.

I got a delicious taco salad this week, as well as some stir fry from Honey Grow, pancakes, and a strawberry/cantaloupe water ice.

I try to get some things done before Greg gets back (he’s over halfway through deployment!). Last weekend, I went through my wardrobe (I have a literal wardrobe) and all my clothes to get rid of things I don’t wear anymore.

I ended up with a whole trash bag, which I’m going to send to ThredUp once I get my selling bag in the mail. They are overloaded with items right now, so I’m on a waiting list. Next project – under the bed?

Cat Life:
Boba Fett is still trying to prepare me for baby by begging me to pick him up anytime I’m in the bathroom or bedroom getting ready. He doesn’t like to cuddle while I’m sitting down, but he wants me to hold him all the time while I’m standing and pet him.

Here he is enjoying the box I’m getting ready to send Greg.

Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

9 thoughts on “25 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. I really love that dress! Have fun at IKEA! That store is so overwhelming but so much fun šŸ™‚ What do you do at work? I'd been so ready to throw on pjs after spending the day in uniform!


  2. That dress is so pretty! Love it!!! I like that the baby is getting a little work out with her ninja kicks in there haha. I have gotten rid of so many clothes the past few weeks and I still feel like I could stand to give away some more. Purge. Purge. Purge.


  3. When I was pregnant with my daughter I remember thinking I should put a little “kick here” bullseye on the one spot on my stomach (right side too!) she was always kicking!


  4. That maxi is super cute!

    And now I have a serious craving for Rita's. Swedish Fish is my favorite flavor. But years ago, like 2009 they had a Sweet Tea flavor. They discontinued it, but my friend at the time worked for Rita's and she bought TUBS of the stuff before they stopped making it. OMG. SO GOOD.


  5. Haha! I love that your cat wants you to hold him all the time when you're standing up. Just like a kid! Definitely good prep work. šŸ˜‰

    All your food looks so yummy to me right now – I'm definitely hungry, haha! And I love your pretty dress and sweet baby bump! What a precious little prairie dog. šŸ™‚


  6. oh thredup is on a waiting list? i got a bag before we went on the cruise, but i've never done it before. i haven't filled it up and sent it back yet. all the food you're eating looks amazing, that stir fry especially. boba fett is so freaking cute i can't handle it.


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