27 Weeks: Bumpdates

The month of June flew by like a horde of hamsters (side note: I looked up what a group of hamsters is called – it is indeed a horde, which is not what I imagined. I think of hordes of goblins, but hey.. hamsters can have hordes, too).

It may not show in the bump, but baby is growing bigger and one thing I didn’t know is that everything changes and not just your belly. Not a lot, but a little. Hips get slightly wider, legs get bigger (bloating? I don’t know these days, everything bloats). Everything feels different, but I am enjoying the ability to continue shaving my own legs.

One thing that’s crazy is that at the end of this week, we will be at 28 weeks = 7 months, which is also the beginning of the third trimester! How did this happen so fast? It really makes me start thinking of all the things I need to do. I made a couple appointments this week, for a car seat inspection and a newborn class in a couple months.

The second trimester has been so nice compared to the first. I have no idea what the third will be like. Mostly, I feel good and almost forget I’m pregnant until she reminds me with her ninja kicks.

Baby is the size of a fennec fox this week!

She’s also a happy little cauliflower.

Workouts have been drastically cut down in distance/endurance, because once I get about 1/4 mile into my walk, the same muscle near my abs on the right side starts pulling and stretching, like a painful cramp. I have literally walked 2 MPH on the treadmill the past two days. I feel like the sloth from Zootopia.

I’m happy moving for the mile or two I can get in. I don’t want to push it too hard, but it’s hard to not move when your brain is up for it and one part of your body complains. Not to mention, gaining 20 lbs, although in the healthy range and all in the effort of making a baby, makes me want to try to keep some healthy habits.

I called to order food from a good vegan place near me this weekend, but I was on hold for seven minutes, and then when I called back they didn’t pick up. I took that as it was just not going to happen for me and that place.

Then I thought of something even better. I ordered from Grub Burger Bar and got a chickpea veggie burger and waffle sweet potato fries and it was amazing. So so good.

 I also made a pan of brownies, because I have been craving some homemade baked goods. I’ve also been trying to go back to a mostly vegan diet, and I love baking vegan things. I stuck them in the freezer, so now I have sneaky freezer brownies.

Cat Dates:
I have some plans with Luna and Boba this four-day weekend. Let’s get this nap and Netflix party started. And doing things, also doing things that should be done. But half Netflix party.


26 Weeks: Bumpdates

I feel like I had a productive weekend, and I was definitely not ready to get out of bed this morning and go to work. Maternity leave, please. Although I’m pretty sure my not wanting to wake up early is my natural thought all the time.

I still look at pictures from a couple months ago and can’t believe I thought I had a belly then. How could I ever have been that small? Then again, my baby used to be the size of a blueberry. Now, she’s much bigger and I can feel her little legs moving.

She’s also the size of a coconut.

I don’t know if the bump is obvious, since no one has commented in public about it and definitely no one has asked to touch my belly, thank goodness.

My favorite food is still tacos. When I’m out of fresh avocados, I use the little single serving packs of guacamole, which are perfect when you really need some guacamole. That’s pretty much every day. Beans and rice are my go-to. Tonight, I’m planning on making tempeh bacon tacos.

Workouts are not happening very often, but I’ve recently been able to walk again without getting cramps in my abs and groin, so let’s hope it keeps going for a while.

I adopted a new workout style, because the sun is my enemy and apparently pregnant ladies burn easily, so I wear a trucker hat.

I went to IKEA this weekend and didn’t find anything. I actually was looking for a dresser and had a couple from their website in mind that I wanted to see in person. Of course, on the day that we went they were redoing their dresser section, so most of them weren’t on display. I’ll go back later, since I have other things I can work on, anyway.

Other than a minor freakout over the weekend over my glucose test, we have been doing well. I failed the one-hour glucose test and had to go back and take a three-hour test that requires fasting overnight. It wasn’t too bad besides me being extremely worried about the results. I felt terrible when they told me I failed the first test, and may have cried a lot. Lots of ugly crying. But we got the good news the other day – I passed the three-hour test! I apparently do not have gestational diabetes, and I can eat a doughnut if I decide I want a doughnut (I added in my own medical advice). I haven’t had one in ages, but I like being able to if I want one.


25 Weeks: Bumpdates

Week 25 is halfway through, and the bump grows bigger and the ninja kicks get more ninja-y.

I wear a uniform to work, and totally forgot to take any bump pics this week except for my new maternity items. I’m so excited about those! After work, I generally go straight into the shower to wash off the sweaty day and then it’s pajamas and no bra. I look forward to pajamas every day.

My mood has been good and I’m slightly less hormonal than I have been in past weeks, for now. Although yesterday I was grumpy because I didn’t want to talk to anyone after work and was pouting that I would have to put a bra on because my friend was coming over to scoop the cat litter.

Baby is still kicking in the same spot on my right side, which is her favorite. It really takes a beating, but I love it.

She’s also the size of a large cucumber, but a prairie dog is easier to imagine and more cuddly.

The answer to the question of is my home ready for Muffin yet is no. The house is so not ready. There are so many boxes that I can’t open yet, because they would probably take up more room opened than they are now. But, I am planning a trip to Ikea this weekend to look for a dresser so that I can at least put away her clothes and other baby items.

I’ve been eating lots of delicious foods, although I try to eat out only on the weekend. I still go out occasionally for lunch, but it works for the most part.

I got a delicious taco salad this week, as well as some stir fry from Honey Grow, pancakes, and a strawberry/cantaloupe water ice.

I try to get some things done before Greg gets back (he’s over halfway through deployment!). Last weekend, I went through my wardrobe (I have a literal wardrobe) and all my clothes to get rid of things I don’t wear anymore.

I ended up with a whole trash bag, which I’m going to send to ThredUp once I get my selling bag in the mail. They are overloaded with items right now, so I’m on a waiting list. Next project – under the bed?

Cat Life:
Boba Fett is still trying to prepare me for baby by begging me to pick him up anytime I’m in the bathroom or bedroom getting ready. He doesn’t like to cuddle while I’m sitting down, but he wants me to hold him all the time while I’m standing and pet him.

Here he is enjoying the box I’m getting ready to send Greg.

Hope you’re having a fabulous week!


What I’ve Been Reading

I have a confession on this books post: I only read two books. Woops. Sometimes the book mood strikes and sometimes it disappears. I was reading like crazy last month, but this month I couldn’t keep my mind occupied for long.

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley – 3.5 stars
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was looking forward to reading this book, because it has all the great plot points that I love: a group of characters ranging from a down-on-his-luck painter to a millionaire, a mysterious plane crash, and an unsolved question as to what really happened.

I pictured a Lost scenario, but it was a lot different. The story focuses on the characters who remain and it jumps around a lot between them and flashing back to what happened before with other characters. I think I would have enjoyed it more if there was less jumping around, because I always lost focus when it changed characters. I enjoyed the ending, but I wasn’t sure where it was going all the time in the middle.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a good mystery about a v-logger who goes missing, after which videos pop up online showing her abduction. I found it a little hard to get through at times, because of all the British terms, especially the police terms which are different from the US. There were also a LOT of police characters, so I lost track of who was who. The mystery is interesting, though, and I don’t know anything about v-logging so it’s fun to imagine a mystery in that type of world and what the people may be like outside of their videos.

So, while I didn’t read a ton this time, I look forward to finding some good books via Steph and Jana and everyone else who joins in for Show Us Your Books.

If you’re on Goodreads, feel free to add me. You can find me right here.

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Stitch Fix #1: Maternity

I recently heard about Stitch Fix offering maternity styles, and after having shopped myself for maternity with no luck finding things that were my style, I decided to give it a try. My only maternity items I’ve purchased on my own have been a couple pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, and some tank tops, so I want to look a little more stylish sometimes!

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, they are like a personal stylist. You tell them what styles you like and show them your Pinterest board, if you have one, and they send you five items which you can either keep or return. You pay $20 for the styling fee, which can also go towards any items you decide to keep.

If you decide to try it, this is my referral link; I’ll receive $25 in credit in order to keep my addiction going.

Okay, so on with what items I received! Have you ever received a Fix where you loved all the items and kept them all? No? Just me.

This Fix, I asked for some dresses and skirts and pieces I could mix and match during the summer.

#1 Eight Sixty Gabre Eyelet Maternity Dress – $88.00 – Kept

The things I like about this dress are the fit and the color. It is so easy to wear and long enough that I can bend over without worrying. It has plenty of room for my bump to grow, but I think I could also wear it post-pregnancy. It also has this cute back scoop, which I really enjoy and hope you can see from my goofy picture below.

#2 LA Made Maternity Skirt – $54.00 – Kept

This pencil skirt is made of a soft and stretchy jersey material, which fit what I was asking for in versatile pieces. It has a lot of ruching in the front, which should allow room for the belly to grow. While I’ve never owned a pencil skirt before, I think this navy blue one could go with a lot of tops.

#3 Full Moon Peppy Knit Maternity Top – $44.00 – Kept

This is the top you saw above, and I love that it can be worn with the skirt or on its own. It has cute ruched sides, and I like that it is polka dots and not stripes! As a pregnant lady, I do not always want to be wearing stripes! It is made of a really soft material.

#4 Full Moon Phay Henley Ribbed Maternity Knit Top – $44.00 – Kept

This is the only one I wasn’t crazy about, because while it works great with the skirt, it doesn’t fit well on its own. It’s a little big, and I sent a request to Stitch Fix to see if I could get it in one size down. Besides the size, though, the quality is there and the material feels wonderful, like the others. I also like that it’s a henley top, which I could possibly use during nursing.

#5 Loveappela Carlita Knit Maternity Maxi Dress – $78.00 – Kept

This was probably my favorite of the bunch. I’m a fan of maxi dresses, and it is long and stretchy and actually fit well in the top for now. I’m hoping it will stay that way if my bra size goes back down, but it works great for maternity and nursing in the future. The top actually seems to stay where it is without there being a huge gap.

The good news is I loved almost all of my items and decided to keep them! My favorites are the eyelet dress, the polka dot top, and the maxi dress.

If you buy all five, you receive a 25% discount, so there was only one dollar difference between me buying the three items and buying all five, so a total of $210 vs $211. I’m all about economy. I’ve also seen a lot of mixed reviews from other’s Fixes, so I felt like I should take advantage of my stylist doing well on both my style and what I asked for.

That takes care of my clothes spending for a while, but I haven’t been purchasing a lot since I became pregnant, just a few necessities like shorts and things. My pre-pregnancy dresses don’t fit, because they’re all a bit tight in the ribs. I’m also hoping that a lot of these can carry over into post-pregnancy clothes.

I’m a happy lady with this box. It may be a while before I can order my next, but I look forward to it!


Netflix Picks

I’ve been watching lots of movies on Netflix, lately. It’s a good time to do it when I’m on my own and am not in the mood to go to the movies due to always having to pee. I hate missing any parts of a movie, so at least on Netflix I can pause when I have to get up.

1. Witness
This is an unusual pick for me, but it was rated highly and a young Harrison Ford drew me in. It wasn’t bad, but a little slow, and not a lot of dialogue between the two main characters. I need words in my romantic scenes. Longing looks don’t tell me enough. The Amish part was interesting.

2. Becoming Jane
After watching Pride & Prejudice, I was in the mood to watch some Austen-esque movies. This was really good, although not as cheerful. Still worth watching for James McAvoy and it’s a well-acted and good film overall. If you’re wanting an Austen-era movie, it’s also pretty to look at.

3. The Brass Teapot
A couple finds a magical teapot that gives them money when they cause themselves or others pain. It was actually pretty funny and cute. It also stars Alexis Bledel in some parts in a role totally unlike Rory Gilmore.

4. Before We Go
This is a movie starring and directed by Chris Evans. It’s sweet, sad, and funny. Definitely worth a watch and the relationship between the two main characters was really well built up.

5. Man Up
I’m a big Simon Pegg fan, and haven’t been disappointed by his movies. This is surprisingly a romantic comedy/drama. You think you know where it’s going when you hear the setup, but it went in a different direction for me. I enjoyed it and would recommend.

Have you seen anything good on Netflix? I’m in the mood for happy movies.


24 Weeks: Bumpdates

All my posts are bumpdates now, but I’m okay with that, because I am blog lazy sometimes. I’ve been trying to keep up with reading posts but I fall off the wagon sometimes. Or roll off like a lazy cat and take a nap where I land.

We hit 24 weeks, which means we are at 6 months! I still can’t believe it.

I have a pregnancy confession: I have hardly been working out and don’t feel too bad about it. I try to move around and walk at least maybe 20 mins each day, but haven’t really been counting it. It’s also getting pretty warm outside which means I get hot even faster.

Baby has been kicking in roughly the same spot for the longest time, and when I walk for a long time, there are some muscles there that tend to make me walk like an old man and they feel like they are pulling and hurt. A workout can be a set of stairs for me at this point; pregnancy definitely takes your workout down a notch, at least in my case. I hope I can have full movement again once baby comes!

I love baby kicks, and it’s different from day to day. Some days she is more chill and other days, especially when I’m more active or like the other day, singing loudly in my car, she can be ninja kicking. I was really busy at work over the weekend and had to stand in the hot sun for a while and she was kicking me like a bass drum when I got back in, like she was saying, “I will not stand for this.”

She is now the size of a puffin, which I find awesome because puffins are one of my favorite animals. She’s also comparable to a large zucchini, but the puffin is more adorable.

I went a little crazy at Target yesterday, but I kept it relatively in check compared to what I felt like buying. I was looking at Disney movies, but ended up with two new baby books instead.

One is a baby record book and one is a book with illustrations that are so cute! It has little flaps.

Boba Fett went full on baby preparation mode yesterday and puked on the floor, tried to eat my hair while I was holding him, tried to chew on my laptop, and asked to be picked up and climbed up me whenever I wouldn’t pick him up. He wanted to be carried around at all times.

Good news, I decided to try my first Stitch Fix! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and when I found out they had maternity, it pushed me over the edge. I should get my first order this weekend.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies, lately. I finally watched Pride & Prejudice, which I own but had never watched for some reason. It was beautiful and fabulous and I want to watch it for always.

On the other hand, I was looking for something similar on Netflix to watch afterward and watched Becoming Jane. Be warned, it is a great movie but not at all like Pride & Prejudice. Both movies I cried, for different reasons.

Hope you are having a fantastic week!