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22 Weeks: Bumpdates

I have this week off and so I have been alternating between being productive and napping on the couch with my cats. Gotta enjoy it, because it looks like it’s back to work next week.

I feel lots more movement the past couple weeks. Yesterday, she was really thumping while I was watching a movie.

She’s getting up there in size:

I got some new symptoms, which is always fun. Last Friday, I got my usual tacos and had intense heartburn. Apparently, it’s almost impossible to not get heartburn while pregnant. I rarely get it usually, so that was a surprise. Luckily, it has just been one night so far *knock on wood,* so hopefully it’s an occasional thing.

Twice this week I’ve gone for a walk and then came back, showered, and ate lunch, and then got an upset stomach. I’m still not sure if it’s related to the walking or something I ate. I had almond butter and peanut butter today, so maybe the oils in those caused it, but I’m going to take a break on the walking and see if that helps. It’s also heating up outside so it makes it a little bit intense.


Target has the cutest kids stuff right now. They make it really hard not to buy things.

I was thinking about these little cubby things:

We are going to need either a dresser for the baby stuff or a cubby organizer, and they have the cutest bins. These might be good for organizing baby things. We also have very limited space in our one-bedroom apartment.

I had one of these again today, and I haven’t gotten tired of them yet. I get a Wawa sub with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, avocado, and mustard on a wheat roll. They’re ridiculously good.

I finished a painting for a friend today. He’s been helping scoop my cat litter every few days while Greg is gone, and has been generally a tremendous help all around, so I painted his dog for him.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

11 thoughts on “22 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. Those cubbies are great! We have one right now which was given to us and I keep all of Sofia's little medicines & accessories in there! I want more so I can store her bigger clothes in there while sprucing up the room a bit 🙂 Yay for more movement!


  2. I love that painting! Custom artwork of pets is seriously the GREATEST thing. Those Target cubbies are so cute… I wish you hadn't posted them. I REALLY feel like I need those in my life. You should definitely take advantage being pregnant and all! I would!


  3. You painted that? That's so cute!!!!
    OHHHH – I'm going to have to stop at Target now – I have a cubbie holder – I may need a few new designs to throw in there.


  4. Awwwww that dog picture is so sweet!!! I love it!!!! Those bins at Target are totally cute. Darn you Target! Makes me want to buy all the things! Heart burn freaks me out so bad because I have only have had it about twice in my entire life no matter what I eat. So I totally get it.


  5. I'm not even remotely pregnant and I could eat a Wawa sub every day—what's my excuse!? Those cubbies are adorable and would be a great alternative to a dresser I think! Target does make it just so incredibly hard to not shop for ALL the things, doesn't it!?


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