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20 Weeks: Weekend Updates

I can’t believe we’ve hit 20 weeks. That is the official halfway mark. Sure, I do have a pile of baby gear in boxes already in my living room, but I haven’t opened any of them and the weeks keep going by. It doesn’t feel like it’s been this long, already!

My cat is literally trying to climb up my butt. It’s very difficult to take pictures sometimes.

Bonus picture of him wanting to be held like a child. He likes to claw my legs until I pick him up or play with him.

Anyway, besides him, my actual human child is still growing. I am feeling good, and I feel more movement, lately. Today baby has been a little chill, but other days it is kicking around a lot and it feels like I’ve got a muscle twinge.

I’m assuming soon I shall grow into my final form, which will be much more uncomfortable. It’s still hard to see in my clothes and I doubt people can tell I’m pregnant, but I’ve definitely gained at least the recommended weight on the scale.

I am so excited about this week! Axolotl’s are my favorite; they’re adorable. Baby is also the size of a banana.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day outside after a rainy week.

Boba is obsessed with going outside, and most of the time he just rolls around in the rocks and leaves, but the other day he bolted into the middle of the street after a bird. I put them back on the cat leashes today, and they did well, although Boba likes to roll around and play with his which leads to him being rolled up in it like a burrito.

I got some walking in; today was pretty sunny and I got wiped after a little bit. My short walks/jogs feel really good most of the time, though.

I love that on the weekends I actually have time to cook a full meal and go out to grab food from places I want.

I made pizza and got tacos, which I eat every week; I actually have a taco day. The people who work at the taco place already know what I order every time, and I have no shame.

I made pancakes, and they were much more successful than last weekend.

Tonight I cooked crispy tofu, vegan biscuits, and a sweet potato. I am in all kinds of a biscuit mood. I am from the South and there are just not enough biscuits around Delaware. I was also impressed with myself that I chopped up cold butter in my recipe. Did I make a huge mess? Yes. Did I burn all the feeling off of one finger? I sure did. But it was totally worth it.

I also went to go see Captain America: Civil War this weekend. I love all the Marvel movies, although I have my favorites (Avengers & Thor!). This one was great, but much darker than the other Avenger movies. It was missing Thor, but I loved all the surprise people in it, and it still had its’ few funny moments.

Hope you had a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Weekend Updates

  1. I cant believe you're half way there!!!!
    I also can't believe we didn't go to the movies to see The Cap! We're sorta obsessed with Marvel – though I will be in on opening weekend for X-men! YES YES YES!


  2. Your food always sounds so yummy! Yay on your half-way-pregnancy milestone! That's awesome! I have only seen one Avenger-related movie (Captain America), but like Rebecca, I'm OBSESSED with X-Men! πŸ™‚


  3. I can't believe that you're already at the halfway mark! That's so exciting! Hooray for having the chance to get some cooking done, and for going on walks and runs too! I want to see the new Captain America movie so bad! I have to admit that Ironman is my favorite, but I love pretty much any super hero movie!


  4. Mmmm tacos!!!!!!! The half way mark?! What??? That's crazy talk!!! Are you going to find out what you are having? I cant remember if you said that or not.


  5. i love all the avengers and superhero movies as well, i don't even care how lame they are sometimes. i wait for dvd though because KC hates them. cannot believe you're halfway! your cats are so stinking cute, they make me jealous because my cats aren't as adorable and they don't want to climb up my butt. rude.


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