Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday, and it’s an especially great Friday because I realized I only work three days next week. Monday is our off day and next Friday I have an event I requested to go to. Mucho bueno.

Today I’m wearing pants that won’t zip, planning to eat Chipotle, and will be living the unemployed life in a couple weeks. My life is not completely together. I believe there is supposed to be some sort of plan for this thing, or a diagram or something. Possibly a pie chart would be helpful. Somebody give me a laser pointer and I will get it together.

Favorite Workout:

My workouts now are basically jogging until my belly’s uncomfortable, then walking, then jogging, etc. Maybe I can get more inventive once my schedule changes. I try to get my walks in after work, so I’ve only got about half an hour or so.

My other favorite pastime is looking at photos from a couple months ago and thinking how small my belly was. I’m sure in a couple months I will do the same with these photos. But my belly feels so bloated by the end of the day! It’s so much smaller in the morning and slowly gets bigger throughout the day.

Favorite Purchase:

Confession: I have bought cat leashes before (photo from last year). Confession two: One of my cats is now too fat for her cat leash. So I have now bought cat leashes twice, because obviously my cat needs size large. They are obsessed with outside, but our neighborhood’s too busy to let them run around.

Favorite Food:

Couscous is one of my favorite things to cook, because I am looking out for things with lots of protein, and this is so good and easy to make. You boil water, olive oil, and the spice pack and then add the couscous and let it sit there off the heat and it magically fluffs up. It’s like a chia pet, but way more delicious and better for you. Disclaimer: don’t eat chia pets.

Favorite Funnies:
When my upstairs neighbors decide to start playing loud Latin music at 8:30 PM on a Thursday night. This is an ongoing problem. Apartment life.

“Borrowing” things.

Getting ready for the day:

Happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. “borrow” .. haha.. thats so me when my hubs lets me use something of his that is so comfy.

    Your bump… so cute!

    Cat leashes. That is so funny looking to me but love you get your babies out for fresh air like that. I always have to check my dogs collars to see if they are getting too fat for those.


  2. Awe but your bump is so cute!!! I am laughing at your cat leashes, I love it! Couscous is amazing. I have few recipes that I make for lunches that I really like. Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  3. hahahaha at your cat being too fat for its leash. i need to fatten up one of my cats, she is too skinny. i might check out those leashes because the harness thing we have is not good. could they get out of it if they ran away really fast? i only ask because i would love to take millie out, but if any of them would run away, it would be her. not because she doesn't love me, she's just a goose.


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