19 Weeks: Weekend Updates

The weekend was short, as always, but I got a few things done that I wanted/needed to, as well as some couch time. I also managed to watch Tiny House Hunters for the first time, and I am not convinced to buy a tiny house. For one thing, I already live in a fairly tiny house, and for another, 96 sq ft is not even a room, much less a house. Let’s be honest. One of these ladies was going to live in a closet-shed.

As far as I know, I am hiding a baby in there. I still have grande quesadilla belly, and I’m okay with that. My mom says she started showing around 20 weeks, so maybe I will be around there or later. Or, as it goes in my mind, I’ll be like one of those people on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and look like I’m getting slightly fatter by the week. At least I assume that’s what happens on that show, I’ve never seen it.

My baby is the size of a hedgehog. I can feel it thumping around in there a little bit sometimes.

Hormones are totally out of control the past few days.

I’ve considered keeping a list of ‘Today I’m crying because…” So far, there’s been: because I didn’t get any Girl Scout cookies, and my friend used too much cat litter. Plus a bunch for no reason in between.

Oh, and because Defying Gravity is such a great song. I can’t get through it with no tears, but I also can’t help singing along. So, if you see a distraught lady belting out Defying Gravity while streaming tears driving, that’s me.

I got in a 3 mile walk/run, which was wonderful. I haven’t been back to my favorite neighborhood to run in for a while, because I usually only have time for a short walk/run after work, but on the weekends I have a little more time and was able to see all the flowers blooming.

I did some cooking this weekend. I like to call this my “I’ve made a terrible mistake” pancake.

I made another one which turned out just fine.

I ate some totally amazing food.

I made tempeh BLT’s. Last night I ordered garlic and pepper tofu from a Thai restaurant. It had WAY too much garlic for me, but it was good otherwise and I think I’ll go back but order something without garlic. I also got my taco fix in, because I love tacos.

My cats are melting into the couch. This is how I feel when I climb into bed every night – like burrowing into a cave of pillows and blankets.

I hope you had a great weekend and have a fantastic week!

8 thoughts on “19 Weeks: Weekend Updates

  1. Ahhhh, that food looks delicious! I love that your little babe was compared to a hedgehog! Haha! That's too cute!
    You're inspiring me to keep an “I'm cry because…” journal some day when I'm pregnant. Ha!


  2. Oh my gosh – if I didnt think it before – I know it now – We are like best friends. People laugh at me because I totally can't hear Defying Gravity without crying. Every time. & its my song I play before every race to remind me to GO FOR IT πŸ™‚


  3. A hedgehog! I love it! What app is that? I'm so used to seeing food comparisons for growing babies so this is a cute change. πŸ™‚

    Defying gravity is such a great song! That plus hormones totally equals tears. πŸ™‚


  4. I can't get through Defying Gravity without tearing up either, so don't be too convinced that it's a pregnancy thing πŸ˜‰ I can't believe the crazy people that are on Tiny House Hunters! I saw an episode with a couple that had a Saint Bernard in a tiny home! That just seems cruel to the dog!


  5. your cats are the cutest. i made a pancake like that on the weekend, it was not good. and omg i want that hedgehog app when i get pregnant lol. i am not a fan of tiny house hunters, and i don't like how the tiny house movement has made it hard for me to look into like small house organisation or storage because now when you search small houses you only find tiny house stuff and it makes me irrationally cranky because there are houses in between tiny and mcmansion, and mine is smaller than that haha


  6. I don't know how people live in those tiny houses, I'd be so claustrophobic! I'm a horrible pancake maker, actually a terrible breakfast maker in general. Once I made scrambled eggs so bad I couldn't eat them again for almost a year. Now I leave the breakfast cooking up to my husband, and on weekdays I just drink smoothies lol


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