Humpday Confessions

It’s Wednesday and I would like to celebrate it being half-way to the glorious weekend by making some confessions.

More Coffee Less Talky

– I feel like I have a sixth restaurant sense, ever since we stopped at a nearby Hibachi. We went in and sat down, but they didn’t have tofu and I didn’t like the way it smelled, even though it was busy, so we left. Another week later, they were closed. Sixth sense protecting me from possible food poisoning? I’d like to think so.

– Sometimes I think I feel the baby move a little bit. I felt some crazy small movements happening the other night after I ate tempeh tacos. All I could picture is the baby punching and karate kicking the tempeh in my belly.

– If I’m on my phone when I am out with a group of people, it is on purpose, and it’s because whatever I have to say would be unwelcome amidst part of the group. For example, when friends of friends begin discussing their support for Donald Trump and arming schoolteachers. Yep, I’m gonna check my phone right now because I am not trying to be in a bad mood from arguing with people.

– Verizon sends me a free trial of HBO the same time every year, and it is the season of Game of Thrones! I think they know what they are doing. Thanks, Verizon!

– I have two Kindereggs and I really want the toys, but I don’t want to eat the chocolate. I am in a salty food mood. If it was encased in a fried ball of cheese, I would be all over it.

– I passed a test I was required to take at work, and I could not be more relieved. Now I can focus on other things. And also read r/BabyBumps on Reddit without feeling like I should be studying.

– Guacamole has made a full re-entrance back into my life. I missed you, guacamole. I don’t even mind paying extra.

– When we went to Hershey Park, I missed the first half of the sea lion show because there was a bee hovering near me and I was scared. I was sure if I looked away it would be in my hair.

– I was throwing an internal fit when I had to wait two hours to eat breakfast and my friends said they wanted to stop at Wawa instead of McDonald’s. I wanted a biscuit and didn’t think Wawa had any good egg and cheese options. Turns out their breakfast burritos are huge and delicious, and I got a hash brown, also.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

  1. Mmmm guac is delicious!!! I hate bees and I will totally leave an area where one is swarming. Getting stung is no fun and there is always some idiot that will swat the bee and make it angry.


  2. Your gifs are all spot on – love it.
    Yep… dont bother asking – just give me ALL THE GUAC!!!!
    Dont you love when you feel something & you find out you were right. Makes me feel like I'm Miss Cleo or something!


  3. The goat gif…. AH, they are SO FREAKIN cute! I want goats in my life 🙂

    I'm sorry that you have Trump-friends. That's the worst. I'd definitely pull out my phone and probably b*tch to my husband about the conversations around me… hahaha! Congrats on passing your test!


  4. I think the baby totally saved you from food poisoning too! That's so crazy! That's such a great idea for avoiding confrontation when you don't like other people are talking about! I definitely end up getting way to heated, especially when it turns to politics!


  5. Ah, guacamole. So delicious and wonderful! I'm glad you are back to eating it now! It's a favorite of mine!

    Also, I'm pretty sure you are right about your sixth sense saving you from food poisoning! Either that or the baby saying “no way”! 🙂


  6. You totally have a restaurant sixth sense! Congrats on passing that test at work! I totally look at my phone too when I don't want to get in an argument with people talking about stuff I don't agree with.


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