Friday Favorites

I have been cranky a little bit this week, but only up and down cranky. Sometimes I’m totally fine and then three hours later I am ready to let loose a wave of emotions. But there were good parts about this week, and I am so happy to be right next to the weekend!

Favorite Outdoors Time:

I actually ran for a little bit Wednesday and yesterday. Wednesday I was uncomfortable after several minutes, but yesterday I was able to run a little longer – and I didn’t have to pee. Yay! I am not used to sitting at a desk all day and if I don’t get some outside air, I turn into a gremlin.

There’s been more daylight, lately, so I am able to get outside for a quick walk/run after work. I already wake up at the butt crack of dawn, so early morning workout is not happening right now.

Favorite Food:

I’m eating eggs, so this isn’t a substitute for me, but man oh man was this delicious! Adding vegetable broth really does give it a good flavor. I put mine in a tortilla and cooked it up with cheese quesadilla style.

Favorite Shopping:
I feel like I’m winning:

I recently found this feature on my Target Cartwheel app to show me how much I’ve saved compared with my Facebook friends, and it’s been made into a competition. I buy half my groceries there once a week, so I have an unfair advantage.
Favorite Funnies:
My brain everyday due to hormones:
If I could stop crying at work, that would be grreeeeaaat. Yesterday I got something sent back to me that I didn’t know how to fix, so I literally started crying every time I looked at it, and then I felt ridiculous for crying which made me laugh and then I looked at it again and started crying, repeat over and over. I sit in the back, so I hope no one walks back in the middle of one of my multiple ‘crying at work’ moments.
How I feel like busting into this weekend:
A baby wombat for your enjoyment:
Happy Friday! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

18 Weeks: Weekend Updates

Countdown to gender day is T-minus seven days!

Challenges this week so far are:

– Finding clothes that don’t make me look like I just won a hot dog eating contest. I love that my body is able to carry around this little muffin in it, don’t get me wrong. It’s trying to dress around the muffin that is interesting. This dress worked out for the first half of the day and it’s one I already owned, but when I got home I definitely was feeling the need to be more comfortable and less squeezed around the waist. I promptly changed into pajama shorts and a tank top.

– I ordered some workout leggings from Old Navy that are comfortable, in case I want to work out. I have so far gone for one walk, for about one and a quarter miles, for reasons below.

– Having a cold/allergies/whatever the heck is stuffing up my nose and sinuses while pregnant is no fun. If I want to take medicine, I have to call my doctor first, so I’m trying to guzzle lots of water.

– I also found out why pregnancy and colds do not go together. Constant urge to pee + sneezing. Yep, I peed myself a little for the first time, but never say it will be the last.

Weekend Stuff:
On the bright side, my mom ordered me these cute diapers from The Honest Company, which I got in the mail today.

I also ate all the foods, and I might have an addiction to Rita’s. I was freaking out because I was hot and parched after shopping and suddenly wanted a Sonic slushy and then I realized there were none nearby. Then I thought of Rita’s, of course. I totally forgot that they have frozen drinks. It was perfect. I also made tempeh bacon tacos and ordered my favorite tacos this weekend.

I started my registry at Babies ‘R Us, even though I was hot and grumpy and there were three ladies taking up the registry desk when I came in. I waited for them to leave, then got set up and scanned a bunch of things. I’m now registered at Target and Babies ‘R Us, and that’s all I plan on doing.

I started a separate Pinterest account to help me organize my registries, since I couldn’t remember what I added and from where. I feel like there would be a need for a site that did it for you, but this way worked for me. Now, I can see everything organized by groups and decide what to add/take off.

I’m going to relax and try some more to get this cold out of my head.

I am wondering if/when my cats are ever going to notice the baby. So far they have made no changes and the big aka fattest one continues to try walking on belly, using it as a bridge from the window to the other side of the couch.


Humpday Confessions

It’s Wednesday and I would like to celebrate it being half-way to the glorious weekend by making some confessions.

More Coffee Less Talky

– I feel like I have a sixth restaurant sense, ever since we stopped at a nearby Hibachi. We went in and sat down, but they didn’t have tofu and I didn’t like the way it smelled, even though it was busy, so we left. Another week later, they were closed. Sixth sense protecting me from possible food poisoning? I’d like to think so.

– Sometimes I think I feel the baby move a little bit. I felt some crazy small movements happening the other night after I ate tempeh tacos. All I could picture is the baby punching and karate kicking the tempeh in my belly.

– If I’m on my phone when I am out with a group of people, it is on purpose, and it’s because whatever I have to say would be unwelcome amidst part of the group. For example, when friends of friends begin discussing their support for Donald Trump and arming schoolteachers. Yep, I’m gonna check my phone right now because I am not trying to be in a bad mood from arguing with people.

– Verizon sends me a free trial of HBO the same time every year, and it is the season of Game of Thrones! I think they know what they are doing. Thanks, Verizon!

– I have two Kindereggs and I really want the toys, but I don’t want to eat the chocolate. I am in a salty food mood. If it was encased in a fried ball of cheese, I would be all over it.

– I passed a test I was required to take at work, and I could not be more relieved. Now I can focus on other things. And also read r/BabyBumps on Reddit without feeling like I should be studying.

– Guacamole has made a full re-entrance back into my life. I missed you, guacamole. I don’t even mind paying extra.

– When we went to Hershey Park, I missed the first half of the sea lion show because there was a bee hovering near me and I was scared. I was sure if I looked away it would be in my hair.

– I was throwing an internal fit when I had to wait two hours to eat breakfast and my friends said they wanted to stop at Wawa instead of McDonald’s. I wanted a biscuit and didn’t think Wawa had any good egg and cheese options. Turns out their breakfast burritos are huge and delicious, and I got a hash brown, also.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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17 Weeks: Weekend Updates

This weekend totally flew by, but it was great, and I’m already ready for a nap this morning.

The baby front is still going well. 17 weeks feels good and I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts. They say that you get an energy boost during the second trimester, and I sometimes feel extra energetic, but mostly I am appreciative of not feeling like the walking zombie I was during the first trimester.

Baby is now about the size of a small onion! That seems similar to an avocado to me, which was the size before this.

I also read that you are supposed to have an increased appetite during the second trimester. Um, that has been the case since week 8 or so! If my appetite increased more than it did then, I would be constantly inhaling food. It’s actually allowing me to enjoy some of my normal foods again. I ate a sweet potato skin the other day. Major step forward. I usually eat the skin of my potatoes, but they have been grossing me out for several weeks.

I recently got sofritas aka tofu at Chipotle and it is delicious and full of protein, which I seem to need always.

This weekend was stuffed full, because I had to get all my shopping and housework done on Saturday.

I brought back a bunch of books from my mom’s house and filled up my bookshelf. Turns out I rebought a bunch of books that I didn’t even realize I already had at her house. Woops. At least it’s only the ones I loved enough to buy twice.

I finished reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I found this cute collection’s edition at Target. I love the illustrations in the front and back covers.

We went to Hershey Park for their Military Appreciation Day. It was wonderful, even though I did not want to get up early and come back to work this morning after all the walking we did. I did not take pics of all the food, but there were crab fries, Dippin Dots, and Red Robin sweet potato fries consumed and all were amazing.

I did not ride any of those rides – nope, not at all. I did ride the cars ride that takes you around a little track. We managed to break the ride and somehow disable the car and started rolling backwards down a hill, but luckily no one was behind us and the turn in the track eventually stopped us XD. We had to get a worker to come rescue us and restart out little lawn mower motor car.

Hope you had a great weekend and your Monday is not too rough!


Friday Favorites

Thank goodness it is finally Friday, even if this weekend is going to be like a whirlwind. I had to work last weekend, and I could use extra spending money, but I am thankful to be off again.

One of the best parts about this week has been getting my own desk at work. Now, I can slack off work hard without being in the middle of everybody.

Favorite Purchases:
I would like to give myself a high five for my most recent Target trip, because I saved a bunch of money. I got a 5% coupon in the mail, used Cartwheel, and used my Redcard for an extra 5% off. So, even though I bought a new tank and a Star Wars tee, I still didn’t spend too much.

Tank // Star Wars tee: (similar)

I also bought a few maternity items from Kohl’s, because I had some Kohl’s Cash to spend that I received as a gift. I couldn’t find anything in store, but I was able to find things online. I’ve been looking for things that I can wear outside of maternity. These will work for that, except for the bottoms, but stretchy bottoms are worth it to me.
I saw this plaid top in the store and it was the only thing I liked, so I searched it out online. It actually looks much cuter in person, and I don’t think I’ll be wearing the tie around the middle.
I am going to be pregnant in the summer, so shorts are going to be a necessity.
Favorite Food:
My favorite food is still tacos, always tacos.
I also occasionally eat ice cream, but mostly I want all the salty foods. Rita’s has opened here for the spring/summer, though, and gelati and water ice is one of my favorite treats.
Favorite Funnies:
When my brain waits until I walk back to my bed in the dark from the bathroom to think, “What if a monster reaches out from under the bed?”

When I try to call my cats back in from outside:

Trying to fit in my pre-pregnancy workout leggings:

When a stranger knocks on my door and they’ve already seen me in my house through the window:

Have a great weekend, everybody!


16 Weeks: Updates

This is my first bumpdate of any sort, and I like the idea of having a record of what each week is like and the things that I want to remember.

I can’t believe we are at four months already! I only have till September, and I feel like I have a lot of things to do. I am happy the family knows so I can talk to them about it.

I think we may find out the gender in a couple weeks, and I am so excited.

•  Strangers touched my belly for the first time this week. It was odd, but the two ladies asked permission first, which I would prefer. I would be freaked out if anyone reached out and grabbed my belly with no warning. When they asked, I was in my uniform and I had been talking to them for a while. They were so surprised that I was four months along.

•  The bump is still a small bump. It’s bigger at the end of the day than at the beginning, but I think the pop is still in the future.

•  I love pizza. I mean, the baby loves pizza. Whatever, we both love pizza.

•  I am over yogurt, but I am supposed to get 70 g of protein a day, so yogurt is still on the table. Best vegetarian foods with max amount of protein? I face the protein struggle everyday.

•  I usually have a huge sweet tooth, but this baby is all about the salty, comfort foods. All I want are tacos, mac and cheese, and occasionally yummy veggies.

•  I am in the wonderful second trimester now where I can function relatively like a normal adult. First trimester exhaustion was hard to deal with. I don’t have too many symptoms right now besides being always hungry, but I found out that random faintness is a thing. I felt like I was about to pass out while putting on mascara the other day, so I took a bite of a Luna bar and laid on the couch and stuck my feet in the air and all seemed to be good again.

•  My only gripe today is that I’m all out of apple sage veggie sausage, and I saw a picture that I took when I made it the other day. Now I want veggie sausage.

•  My baby is the size of an avocado. There’s a little avocado living in my belly.

•  The weather is gorgeous, even though it’s been up and down, lately. I enjoy walks, and my cats like hanging out outside.

I don’t want to think about how many weeks are left. I still have a registry to edit and another to start.


What I’ve Been Reading

My book moods changed a lot over the past month, so I have a varied set to show this time. I was in a historical lady-book mood for a while, but now I’m all over the place.

I read this because I read Girl with a Pearl Earring by the same author and I had been captivated by it. This story is similarly a fictional story based on real artwork, alternately a tapestry from the Middle Ages. It follows several characters who work on or are involved with the tapestry, from the painter, the weavers, to the commissioners, and how they interact with each other. There were a lot of characters involved, and although they were all interesting, they could have used a little more depth. The main character, if you would say there is one, is kind of a jerk, so I wasn’t rooting for him.
This one seemed a little more far-fetched to me, and there were more stories to follow, so I would recommend reading Girl with a Pearl Earring first, but I did enjoy it. 
The setting of this book is in 17th century Amsterdam. I am loving historical fiction of all times. The story follows Nella Oortman, a girl from the country recently wed and sent to live with her husband, who is a wealthy merchant in Amsterdam. He gives her a wedding gift of a cabinet-sized replica of their home, but he and the other inhabitants of the home are oddly distant and mysterious around her. She begins receiving strange miniatures in the mail to furnish her model-size house and tries to interpret their meaning.
While the idea was intriguing, and the plot had me trying to figure out more about the miniaturist who was sending the gifts, there were not enough answers for me. I love a good ‘you decide what really happened’ ending, but this was different to me. I felt like I wanted to know more about what was going on.
This one has been on my shelf for a while, and I was in the mood for a teen dystopian book, so I was hoping this would be a good fit. So sad, much disappointment.
The book follows Cassia, who lives in a society where everyone is matched to their partner by a system. No one may marry outside of the system. So when Cassia sees that she has been matched with two separate people, she is confused and doesn’t know if it can be true. The Society tells her it’s a glitch, but she meets her second match, Ky, and can’t help falling in love with him.
I kept waiting for something to happen the whole book. Long story short, nothing happened. The world was actually decently built up, but there was never one enemy they were fighting against, only an idea of an enemy.

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright – 4 stars
I want to warn you that I am not saying this is a good book, but sometimes (aka often) I enjoy books that I know are a little silly but there’s something about it that I like. The story is a retelling of Red Riding Hood as a YA fairy tale, and I am a sucker for fairytales. It takes place in a small village, where Valerie, a young girl, must choose between marrying the blacksmith’s son or running away with the outcast woodcutter. When a werewolf descends upon the village, Valerie questions herself and those around her. I recommend if you like enjoy fairy tales.

Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions by Neil Gaiman – 4 stars
I have mentioned it before, but Neil Gaiman is my favorite author, and I usually like things I pick up by him. He has a beautiful writing style and I love stories he’s written about magic, myths, and fairy tales.

This book is his first collection of short stories, although he has at least two others. The stories are all different, and I would definitely recommend them. Some are a little slow, while others have a faster pace. My favorites were the last two, “Murder Mysteries” and “Snow, Glass, Apples.” This is also a reread for me, but it has been several years, so I didn’t remember most of the stories. If you have never read his books, I recommend starting with Ocean at the End of the Lane, because it’s one of my favorites and also fairly short.

That’s it for this month; I hope there are some fantastic books next month, too. I can’t wait to see what everyone has been reading! I’m linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books. Join in and share what books you’ve read.