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I haven’t gotten into much these days, but life is constantly changing pace. The weekends especially seem to fly by. Here are a few things I have been up to, lately.

Thinking… Adult life consists mostly of things I do not want to do, like calling people to make appointments or calling any strangers ever.

Enjoying… The nap I had earlier today. I came home from shopping and immediately fell asleep on the couch. My situation is about the same now, except I’m conscious and am surrounded by two cats instead of one.

Reading… I just finished a book which had sort of a heavy ending, so I started Matched for something lighter. So far, she’s only described a boy’s eyes about a million times – they are dreamy blue and he has blond wavy locks. I have no complaints, though. Let the dystopian teen romance begin.

Watching… I’m back into The Walking Dead. I’m catching up on season 5 on Netflix, so I am not up to the new season, yet. I don’t know if I’ll continue once I reach season 6. It depends on if I can find it on my TV for free. My moods are also fickle these days, and change within hours on what I feel like watching.

Wishing… I can get through these few days of work and they are not as boring as last week. I don’t know what to do with my life.

Missing… Greg, like always. It’s only been a month of his deployment, and I miss him bunches.

6 thoughts on “Currently / Goings-on Lately

  1. You'll have to let me know what you think of Matched, it wasn't my favorite dystopian society book. The Walking Dead is seriously so amazing! They're notorious for always having a marathon of the previous season right before the new season starts, so you could always DVR it and get caught up that way! I think that's what we did in the beginning.


  2. Lol I also hate calling places to make appointments, talking to strangers is weird! Everyone seems to love The Walking dead but I don't think I can watch it because I'm such a wimp.


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