Some Late Confessions

It’s better to confess late than not at all, right?

My first confession is that I am fairly high on jelly beans. I have not felt the urge for Easter candy, but when my coworkers bring in a ton of jelly beans, something must be done. They’re Starburst jelly beans, obviously.

I’m working on base right now, but I’m not a permanent full-time employee, so when people ask what I do on the outside, I tell them, “Nothing. I quit my job last year.” I am at the point where I think I should make up cooler occupations, like deviant space life form interrogator. Or crocodile counselor. I wouldn’t wrestle crocodiles, I would intently ask them questions and chat with them.

I am getting accustomed to the people in my office and am alternately entertained and enraged by their habits. They are extremely dramatic and spend 75% of their day gossiping.

One of them is one of those Facebook people who has to post every inspirational and funny quote she finds on Facebook. She posts so much I had to hide her posts so that I wasn’t spending my time I went on there reading mostly her posts.

I don’t give a shit if you want to gossip or be dramatic in your life, but you need to stay out of my bubble. We work in close quarters, so when one person comes over near the other one’s desk, it is directly in my space and I can’t concentrate on the Reddit thread I am intensely reading. I don’t care about your baby daddy drama. I want to read about this person who just found a ghost in their house.

If you post a photo of yourself in your underwear on Facebook, I’m going to think you’re ridiculous. If you get in an outrage because people in your family reacted negatively to it and caused drama, I’m going to think you’re an idiot. You knew what was going to happen.

People who pretend they don’t thrive on drama make me mad. If they admitted it, would that take away the drama? I’m curious.

I’m taking a trip to South Carolina and my day of departure depends on if I can accomplish all the tasks I need to before falling asleep tonight. It’s not a hard list, but I am pooped after work. I need to pack, wash a few clothes, drop off the rent, buy cat food, leave food out for cats, etc.

I feel guilty leaving my cats alone. I’m going to ask my friend to come over and change their litter, so maybe he will hang out with them for a few. Is six days too long to leave cats alone? We’ve tried taking them along, but they hate that more. Our friend will probably check in on them after a few days.

I want to not be a lazy bum and sit here all day, and the weather is really nice outside, except for the fact that it’s EXTREMELY windy. So, I’m probably going to be walking myself to my car to go home and then to get tacos later.

My work network lets me write a blog post on Blogger, but blocks any site using Blogger. Illogical, but I won’t complain, because I don’t want them to take that, too.

I had veggie corn dogs for dinner last night and lunch today. It’s the cooking for one life, but they are pretty delicious.

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Friday Favorites

It’s an especially nice Friday today, because I am off! I hope it’s a good weekend, although we are supposed to get snow on Sunday. What the hell is up with that. I’m all about the 65 degree weather we’ve been having. I enjoy going outside without two shirts and a coat on when I work out, thank you very much. Here are a few of my favorites this week:

Favorite Show:

I finished season 5 of The Walking Dead, so I’m ready to start the current season. Can they please, please, please just not kill Glenn. He is the best part of the show, since Rick started acting crazy all the time. I think I would have to boycott the show if they got rid of him. Don’t mess with Glenn.

Favorite Food:

I am addicted to these chips. I just can’t stop. These + veggie subs are amazing.

Favorite Workout:

I love this workout if I only have a few minutes after work to squeeze in a workout. If I haven’t done it for a while, it really makes me sore!

Favorite Recipe:

Chickpea salad sandwiches have been on my radar like crazy. I can’t get enough, especially with some crunchy lettuce. I think it’s the spring season; it puts me in the mood for springy foods. I usually use a can of chickpeas, mayo, salt and pepper, and paprika, but you can add in whatever seasonings you prefer. It tastes surprisingly like chicken salad! And the mac and cheese is Earth Balance box mac and cheese; it’s totally vegan and amazing.

Favorite Style:

I am on the lookout for some casual light colored jeans for spring. Maybe with a few rips/tears and loose but not baggy. Also, all the kimonos. I’m so ready for Spring.

Favorite Funnies:
I don’t know whether to be terrified or amused by ostriches. Probably both.

Always read the product description:

That’s it! Have a great weekend! Hope the sun stays out wherever you are. I’m going to enjoy it before this snow comes!

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about me

23 Facts Random Facts About Me

Because why not tell you some random facts to help get to know me better.

1. I sleep in a jacket/hoodie sometimes, and I don’t find that weird. It’s comfortable.

2. I will judge you if you serve me a sandwich at a restaurant on poor quality white bread. I want that artisan bread.

3. I was born in Pensacola, Florida, because my dad was momentarily in the Navy. We moved soon after, so I don’t remember.

4. I don’t maintain contact with my dad, anymore. I would be open to it at this point, but we both lead different lives.

5. I once puked on my cat and Breaking Dawn in one go. I felt terrible about my cat, but only sad about the book because that meant I had to buy it. It was a copy from the bookstore I worked at, and was borrowing.

6. I had a pet pony when I was a kid, and fell off one day and was terrified to get back on. Apparently, I did not believe in that fall off, get back on stuff.

7. I have never liked chocolate ice cream. It’s okay now, but I would only eat it if there was no other ice cream. Vanilla with toppings/mixings is awesome!

8. Back to Nature creme cookies ruined Oreo’s for me. These things are amazing.

9. I had a mini four wheeler once, and I threw caution to the wind when everyone told me to “push the gas.” I pushed the gas – all the way down, without turning the handlebars, and drove straight into a holly bush. You know, those pointy bushes that look like this:

10. The first time in my life I did not have any pets was when I moved out on my own, with Greg and two roommates.

11. My husband never had pets growing up. This is still a fact about me, because it weirds me out. Luckily, he has to live with cats, now.

12. When I was a kid, I was a big fan of staying the summer at my dad’s, because he let me read Goosebumps and eat Cookie Crisp.

13. A lady hit my car on the way to my driver’s license test. I told this story to the tester when we retried the trip and I’m pretty sure it earned me some sympathy points.

14. I can bend my toes almost all the way back to the top of my foot.

15. My fingers also bend back freakishly far, at roughly a 90 degree angle.

16. I know a restaurant is probably good if they have sweet potato fries.

17. If I could have a superpower, it would be flying. I always wished I could fly anywhere I wanted and go to secluded places and come back when I feel like. It would be nice if Greg could fly, too.

18. My favorite soda is Pibb Xtra.

19. I’m always covered up with a blanket when I sit on the couch.

20. I think grape-flavored anything is gross.

21. Orange soda is way too sweet and I don’t like it.

22. Greg and I dated for 8 years before we got married.

23. We started dating on my birthday, September 29th. We got married March 26th, 2014. This month is our second anniversary!

Well, that’s all about me for now. I like reading these so please continue sharing your randomness!

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Currently / Goings-on Lately

I haven’t gotten into much these days, but life is constantly changing pace. The weekends especially seem to fly by. Here are a few things I have been up to, lately.

Thinking… Adult life consists mostly of things I do not want to do, like calling people to make appointments or calling any strangers ever.

Enjoying… The nap I had earlier today. I came home from shopping and immediately fell asleep on the couch. My situation is about the same now, except I’m conscious and am surrounded by two cats instead of one.

Reading… I just finished a book which had sort of a heavy ending, so I started Matched for something lighter. So far, she’s only described a boy’s eyes about a million times – they are dreamy blue and he has blond wavy locks. I have no complaints, though. Let the dystopian teen romance begin.

Watching… I’m back into The Walking Dead. I’m catching up on season 5 on Netflix, so I am not up to the new season, yet. I don’t know if I’ll continue once I reach season 6. It depends on if I can find it on my TV for free. My moods are also fickle these days, and change within hours on what I feel like watching.

Wishing… I can get through these few days of work and they are not as boring as last week. I don’t know what to do with my life.

Missing… Greg, like always. It’s only been a month of his deployment, and I miss him bunches.


What I’ve Read, Lately

I haven’t kept up with blogging, lately, but I have been reading, and it’s been a great month or two for books. Let me show you what I’ve been reading:

This turned from a suspense series into a horror series quickly, but I read them all within a few days, because I was half-scared to put my book down. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a mystery. The first book is more of a puzzle and after that it gets scarier.
It’s about a secret service agent who comes to in a small, picturesque town, with no identification, wallet, or money. He is investigating the disappearance of two agents, but he can’t find his way out of the town and no one will help him.
The premise of this book sounds silly, and I went into it with expectations fairly low, but I was pleasantly surprised. To protect her family and make them rich, Lass must travel with a polar bear to his castle to live, where she finds that he and the inhabitants are not as they seem. It is a sweet telling with lots of Norwegian folklore-esque bits that I enjoyed.

Since hearing that a Netflix series is being made of A Series of Unfortunate Events, I wanted to try the books. They are adorable books and I always liked their covers. I didn’t enjoy them as much as I wanted, and they were as described, some very unfortunate events. There weren’t enough redeeming parts for me. Maybe they would be better for children, although they are surprisingly violent and I imagine frightening.

Summary: I cried a lot, but it was worth it. This book breaks your heart and makes you want the evil, catty characters to get what they deserve at the same time. It gives you a view of how white middle-class women in Jackson, MS lived, as well as the maids who worked for them. I developed lots of love for some characters and despised lots of others.

This book is told from the perspective of a housemaid turned lady’s maid, alternating between current day to the early 1900’s. It was a slower pace in the beginning, but I was drawn in after a little bit. I enjoyed seeing how people of different social classes lived. There’s a little bit of a mystery that you are trying to figure out throughout the book, and while I wasn’t crazy about all of the characters, it was a good book.
This book is a fictionalized account of the life of the subject of one of Johannes Vermeer’s paintings. While it is fictionalized, I like the historical aspect and that parts of it were true, such as the fact that Vermeer had 10 children. I think it definitely gave life to the characters and I like reading what goes on inside people’s houses.

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My favorites out of my recent pile were Wayward Pines and The Help.

Have you read any of these? I am on the lookout now for books to add to my TBR pile. Time to go book stalking.