Put My Baby On a Plane

Anybody have any advice on how to survive six months without your husband? Because I am clearly not set up to live by myself.

We are a military family, so it’s part of our life. He left two days ago, and I definitely miss him already. We do have plenty of ways to communicate, at least. I talked to him on Skype today, and he is there and fed and got some sleep.

Here are some issues I see with him not being here:
– Who am I going to put my cold feet on to warm them up?
– Who is going to trap and release the spiders roaming through our house back into the wild?
– Laundry. I put some in several hours ago and just remembered it. This is going to be happening all the time.
– Weirdly quiet house. He always has the TV on and I never do unless I’m watching something.
– It’s inevitable that something’s not going to work and I’m going to bang it around in frustration like a caveman. For example, there are seven buttons on the space heater. I know what roughly two of them do.
– Heaven forbid I have to put something together. If I buy any new furniture, I’m calling in back-up.
– When I can’t decide what to wear, who will pick the most horrible outfits, until I kick him out of the room and suddenly can find something?

I’m just kidding about all of these. I mean, they’re all real, but I don’t mind dealing with them. All I want is for him to be safe and sound.

9 thoughts on “Put My Baby On a Plane

  1. Aw. Don't feel bad for what I am about to say, but when my ex and I split I remember being so sad that I was so alone in my bed. That I had no one to warm up my feet and that my bedroom was SO quiet (he used to play loud video games all the time) but look at me now… 4 months later and I warm up my own feet with some fuzzy socks, and I blast my music and dance while I clean up. It's great, lol. Anyways, I'm sorry for making this comment about myself. Your little list just made me remember everything that I was also afraid of missing. I hope that these months go by fast and quickly for you and that your husband is safe and sound 🙂


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