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What’s New?

What’s new in my life, lately? I feel like everything is new. I am a lady surrounded by cats and no husband. They try to do this all day long. They are even in roughly the same position as I speak, and this was from yesterday.

Greg is gone for six months and these are my companions. They have terrible breath.

We went to IKEA before Greg left, and bought a few new things. We traded out our old bookcase for a taller one with more space.

Greg secured it to the wall so it doesn’t topple on top of one of us and trap us beneath any Harry Potter volumes or Swedish wooden shelving, which would be a terrible situation, especially if I was depending on the cats to save me.

Here it is all built! I need more books to fill it up. The old bookcase was overflowing with this amount of books.

We also found a couple other cool things, like this scarf hanger. It ended up saving me a ton of space on the coat racks they were on.

And, finally, we got this cute new shower curtain.

I’m still getting used to living alone for now, but hopefully it will start to feel a little better with time. Luckily, there are plenty of people around me to talk to and hang out with. Greg is still adjusting to his schedule overseas, so it may take us both a while to get used to it.

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Put My Baby On a Plane

Anybody have any advice on how to survive six months without your husband? Because I am clearly not set up to live by myself.

We are a military family, so it’s part of our life. He left two days ago, and I definitely miss him already. We do have plenty of ways to communicate, at least. I talked to him on Skype today, and he is there and fed and got some sleep.

Here are some issues I see with him not being here:
– Who am I going to put my cold feet on to warm them up?
– Who is going to trap and release the spiders roaming through our house back into the wild?
– Laundry. I put some in several hours ago and just remembered it. This is going to be happening all the time.
– Weirdly quiet house. He always has the TV on and I never do unless I’m watching something.
– It’s inevitable that something’s not going to work and I’m going to bang it around in frustration like a caveman. For example, there are seven buttons on the space heater. I know what roughly two of them do.
– Heaven forbid I have to put something together. If I buy any new furniture, I’m calling in back-up.
– When I can’t decide what to wear, who will pick the most horrible outfits, until I kick him out of the room and suddenly can find something?

I’m just kidding about all of these. I mean, they’re all real, but I don’t mind dealing with them. All I want is for him to be safe and sound.