Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! For a lady with no job, that doesn’t mean quite the same, but I’ve been busy enough. We have lots of stuff going on. It’s been nice to have time off; I almost wish it could last longer.

Favorite Food:

Leftover vegan cheesesteak burrito from Dos Segundos in Philadelphia. It has seitan carne asada, vegan cheese, lettuce, fried yuca, onions, and smoked mushroom ketchup. They have regular and vegan options and make really good Mexican food there.

Favorite TV Show:

We just finished watching all of Friends! It’s all I’ve been watching for a couple months, so I may experience withdrawals. What should I watch next?

Favorite Night:

Paint Nite was a lot of fun. The lady next to us had plenty of wine so she was fun to talk to. It’s crazy to see how different everyone’s paintings come out. We went with a couple friends and everyone had a good time. I can’t believe how much painting you can do in two hours.

Favorite Recipe:

I tried a new version of flourless chickpea peanut butter chocolate chips blondies and they were just as good as the original. It uses maple syrup instead of sugar, so I may like this one slightly better.

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I started watching Friends from the beginning over the summer because I had never seen it, crazy I know! But I haven't had a chance to watch it that much lately because all of the Fall shows were back. I can't wait to start it up again! Have you seen New Girl yet? That might be one that you'd like, and it's on Netflix! And hooray for painting nights! You really can't beat good wine and painting and having fun with friends!


  2. oh man, that burrito looks amazing! i've never actually had a proper burrito (flour = no bueno). i want to try those blondies but that would probably be a bad idea. i love those wine + paint nights, mine is always the worst painting but i have a great time.


  3. The answer to what you should watch after Friends is Friends again 🙂 it's my all-time favorite! But The Office and How I Met Your Mother might fill the void! Although I'll add a vote to commenters above and say New Girl deserves a watch too.
    Those blondies look amazing! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  4. Those blondies sound amazing!!!!! My husband and I just finished re-watching all of friends a few weeks ago. It was seriously such an amazing show!!! If you are looking for comedy I would say How I Met Your Mother, New Girl or Rules of Engagement if you haven't seen any of those.


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