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Travel Rage Confessions

I have some things I need to get off my chest this week, before Confessions day even hits.

I’m in the middle of traveling, and am FINALLY on my way back home starting tomorrow. I have had about. enough. of. this. shiz.

I like to plan things way ahead of time. Way, way ahead. So, when my traveling companions did not send me any message regarding dinner by 5 PM, I cut out and enjoyed some Moe’s on my own. I was cozily back in my room by 6:30 PM. Do not mess with the food schedule.

I have been on this trip all together for about a month and half, so I’m now past the stage of ‘having fun meeting strangers that I will be in class with for the next month’ and on to the ‘please let me never see you again’ stage.

This weekend was the last straw in a basketful of straws. Traveling with people you barely know can be hit and miss, and this was totally miss.

We went to New Orleans, and I was super excited. I also seemed to be the only one out of a group of me and three gentlemen to show any excitement.

No one else volunteered to navigate us there and back, so I did that. No one had any idea where to go when they got there, so I suggested places and guided them there like a group of lost puppies.

We looked for a place to get lunch. No excitement shown about any restaurants, so I picked one I liked.

Saw awesome shops and things to look at. Barely registered.

Two of the guys were on their phones ALL the time.

I was already agitated at lunch, and THEN they tell me that they want to watch a football game for THREE FREAKING HOURS in the middle of the day in New Orleans.

I’m sorry, did we just travel to an unknown city so we could watch football???

I was hot, because I had already stated that I don’t want to be there at night and NO ONE mentioned a football game until we got there. I would have kept my ass in my hotel room.

So, I decided to take myself out of the game and let them handle themselves. I literally said, “This is all you guys. I’m not navigating or picking a place.”

Of course, then we wandered around looking in different places to see which ones have sports on their TV’s. Most don’t, because that’s not really the main goal on Bourbon Street. Finally, when they were about to enter a place called Bourbon Cowboy, I had to take over  and was able to find a sports bar right away just by looking one up.

Then, they sit inside the sports bar, where you can’t see anything going on on Bourbon Street, and stare at the TV. I do my best to look as pissed as possible.

Finally, one guy says, looking at me and one of the other guys, who also looked bored, “You guys don’t have to stay. You can go walk around if you want.”

So I said, “Yeh, I think I’m going to take a walk.”

I get up, and they all watch me go without a word. This is a group of three guys and they are letting one female wander around Bourbon Street on her own. I can take care of myself, but damn, heartless.

So, I stormed off and went towards the most populated areas, since the sun was due to set in about an hour. I went back and watched a street performance near Cafe du Monde, and enjoyed myself.

I got a text from one of them an hour or so later asking if I was okay. Great, no thanks to them.

I finally came back when the game was almost over and it was almost dark, and then I had to look up somewhere for us to eat, because they are completely helpless. I feel bad for the wives, out of the two of them that are married.

I have never met such a clueless group of people in my life.

I had to drag them away from the street shows, because it was getting late and I wanted to get to the restaurant before it got packed. They had their chance to see the weird and fun sights in New Orleans and totally missed it.

We went and got dinner, thanks to my navigational skills, and when we got there, there was a short line and the restaurant was packed inside. We quickly got a table, though.

When we left, there was a line out the door. I would have totally lost it if they made us miss a good dinner, too, by arriving an hour later.

So, I’ve taken away from this that I never want to travel with a group of relatively unknown males again, because at least ladies often look out for each other. And traveling with people with a sense of adventure is much better.

On the bright side, I enjoyed the street show I saw, and had a delicious dinner of a virgin strawberry daiquiri and vegetable gumbo, and if I go back again, I will make sure the group I go with actually wants to have fun and not sit there like a bunch of bumps on a log.

9 thoughts on “Travel Rage Confessions

  1. Those are the worst kind of people to be stuck traveling with. I never understand when people go to a new city and do normal stuff like go to the movies or watch a football game! Can't you do that at home? And I'm pretty sure it would be super easy to get a copy of that game later. I'm so sorry for you that those guys didn't appreciate you for everything you planned. Even with crappy travel companions, it sounds like you managed to have some fun on your own so that's good. But those guys should be ashamed of themselves leaving you by yourself to walk around in a crazy city like New Orleans. Vent away!


  2. I can't believe that they would rather watch a football game instead of exploring when they're in New Orleans for only a day! I mean we totally watched the Aggies when we were in NOLA, but we were also there for three days. And how could they not get excited about all of the amazing food that NOLA has to offer? I would go back to NOLA just to eat! I'm glad that y'all made it to dinner and had a fantastic meal, and hopefully you don't have to travel with these crazy guys ever again!


  3. Good lord that sounds like one hell of a crap trip. How could they NOT want to go explore all the crazy of NOLA instead of sitting on their butts watching a football game?! I'm glad you at least got to get away from them for a bit — but WTMF for letting you go walk around all by yourself. Jerks! Fingers crossed you get to travel with a better group of people next time, girlfriend! x


  4. that sounds like vacation hell.. that is the exact reason that i don't like travelling with other people.. even people i know.. because i am a planner and a doer.. I don't want to go to a new place and sleep all day or waste time.. I want to do do do.. and see see see..


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