Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday, but I am still a sad panda, because I have to work this weekend! Boooo. I am going to try to enjoy it, anyway. I literally just stuffed my face with tacos, so I’m on the right path, clearly. To indigestion and sleepiness. But also, FUN.

Favorite Outfit:

Sweater: AE (old: similar) // Belt: Target (old: similar) // Dress: Target via ThredUp (similar) // Boots: ModCloth (old: similar) // Socks: Target (old: similar) // Necklace: Target

I think we can all agree that sweater weather is perfect weather. Boots and a dress are easy to wear, and right now I don’t have to wear leggings or tights, because it’s still warm enough.

Favorite Natural Food Store Find:

We went to the natural food store, and I found what appears to be one of the ingredients to making Polyjuice Potion. Seriously, does anyone need to restock their potions ingredients cabinet, because I have your bladderwrack right here.

I think Severus Snape might have used this on his enemies – horn of bladderwrack. I’m going to fall into a fit of Harry Potter giggles.

Favorite Weather:

Fall walks and runs are the best!! Look at these colors! I wish fall could stick around for half the year.

Favorite Drink:

Watermelon soda. Because I am instantly regretting not getting watermelon soda at the taco restaurant today. I always get the watermelon soda before I leave, but there was a crowd when I went back in to refill. Should have barreled through like The Hulkersaurus Rex I really am inside when it comes to watermelon drink.

Favorite Video:

You’ve seen the bouncing pug, but you will reach a new level of excitement when you see a corgi bouncing.

Favorite Moment:

I was listening to the radio and clearly heard the announcer in an ad for a movie say, “Everyone is raving about The Penis Movie.”

I’m going to admit that I was equal parts intrigued and alarmed.

Then he repeated, “Go out to see The Peanuts Movie this weekend.” That makes more sense. I’m kind of sad there’s not a Penis Movie, but that makes sense.

I’m linking up with Amanda today for Friday Favorites.

Have a great weekend. I heard that penis movie is great.

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. The radio guy I listened too this morning kept calling it The Penis Movie too … haha

    Now I gotta go see what that Bladderwhatever is for… I'm going to assume for the bladder but watch it be for eyes or something


  2. Hahahahaha the Bladderwack was cracking me up! Totally something you'd find in Snapes potion cabinet! I love dresses with sweaters and boots too but it's cold enough here now I do have to wear tights/leggings. Sort of a bummer but sort of awesome too. There's something just so cozy about leggings!


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