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Five Reasons You Should Do an Obstacle Course

#1. You can go at your own pace. Everyone moves at a different pace, and no one even cares if you walk it (as long as you don’t take up the entire width of the trail). I like to go for the ‘prancing deer’ style.

#2. You can show off your super cool dance moves.

#3. It’s a great place to get out some of those deep down hidden emotions, like fear and absolute terror. You’ll also get embarrassing photographic evidence of these emotions.

This was about the time I decided that the boys I was with would be great on their own, and if I didn’t go down the slide right away, I would never do it. My body went down the slide before my brain was ready.

Am I crying here? Maybe? This is my “I hate water slides,” face. I know most people look forward to slides, but once once they reach longer than 10 ft, they transform into a tower of slippery nightmares for me.

I promise I’m actually fine. Every time I go down a water slide, I look like a cat in a tub (see last year’s obstacle course).

Oh, and there’s a pit of water at the bottom? Can’t wait for THAT!

On the flip side, my husband does it one-handed, while yelling with what I can only imagine is pure, manly glee.

That’s okay, maybe I did better at walking over a pool of water using a plank and a couple of ropes. Wait..

Can you tell how good I am at sports? It’s proven by how much I look like I’m crying while I’m doing them.

#4. You get super muddy, and it’s totally fine, because everyone is super muddy. And swimming through a pit of mud is kind of an enjoyable, floaty feeling, and you get to know what alligators feel like.

#5. At the end, you get a cool medal, a free hat and beer. I don’t drink the beer, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Okay, so maybe you just have to do it to know why you’re doing it. And some people are not into it, and that’s okay, too.

Which have you done, if any?

Our favorites are:
1. Warrior Dash
2. Tough Mudder (him, not me, yet)
3. Spartan Race
4. Wipe Out Run

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Do an Obstacle Course

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this post. And your dance moves. I did Tough Mudder with the husband and a couple of friends back in 2012 (I think that's the right year, haha) and although I was dead for about a week aftewards, we had a blast! I'm completely afraid of heights and at one point we were supposed to climb a 20+ish foot wall and then jump into a pit of water…I was going to take the chicken way out, but Amir grabbed my hand and made me jump and I will forever carry the scary feeling of “OMG I'M GOING TO DIE” with me, lol.

    I want to try the Spartan Race next, but let's be honest, I could just be telling myself that so I sound more tough than I am 😉


  2. That slide looks like it would hurt… those bumps in between – ouch!
    ALL THE MUD… I cant handle that…
    Plus, I have no upper body strength to make it through obstacle courses… but I love seeing everyone else do them. I applaud you all!!!


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