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Things That Make Me Happy, Lately

I don’t know if I am in an appropriate emotional state to blog right now, but I’m going to give it a go. You see… I’ve just watched the final episode of Game of Thrones season 6.

If you watch it, you will understand I am having emotions right now. And possibly weeping openly while wrapped in a blanket on my couch. These things happen. I immediately consulted entertainment blogs afterward to console myself and pretend that a certain character is fine and to read any news on the next season.

In the meantime, I am going to share some things that are making me happy, lately.

Veggie Burgers:

We went to Drop Squad Kitchen, an all vegan restaurant near us, for Fourth of July and the burger there was great. I won’t say no to a good veggie burger. They had a nice chargrilled taste, like they were fresh off a grill. Also came with kale salad, potato salad, and sweet potato chips.

Lush Henna:

I tried Lush henna for my hair, and I didn’t come out looking like the Little Mermaid! Although, secretly, I would like to. I have been looking for a vegan-friendly hair dye, and decided to try Lush’s. I used the Caca Rouge, which is supposed to be red, but over my brown hair, it gave it a reddish tint, and showed up brighter on highlighted bits.

They are not kidding when they say this stuff is messy, though. We had to sweep and mop afterward, and next time I will be enlisting Greg’s help, because it is hard to put on by yourself. He ended up helping me halfway through.

Here’s what it looks like before you melt it:

I just watched the instructional video on their website, and I would like to try again to try to get mine to look the same as hers when she mixed it. I think I made mine a little thick.

Shopping Find:

Speaking of vegan stuff, I found this faux leather jacket during Urban Outfitters’ extra 30% sale. I feel kinda like I should use it to hunt vampires or something. I couldn’t find the exact, but there is a similar one here.

TV Show:
Obviously, Game of Thrones. I’m going to need to recover from that last episode. I’ll be in my bunk.

Is it weird that I want to see more of Iwan Rheon, because he is fascinating to watch act, but I want someone to push his character off a cliff?

What have you been watching, lately?

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Packing for Iceland: What to Wear on a 9-Day Trip

I’m in the midst of working on moving posts over, so you may notice weird things, please ignore them, thanks!

The months are sneaking by, and suddenly we are one month away from vacation! Greg and I have planned a trip to Iceland this year. I use the word planned very roughly, because I have about a thousand things to do before I can say everything is planned. Itineraries, people. It is my first time making one for real.

Naturally, what I was worried about is what I would wear in Iceland. Thankfully, I think I have a basic idea now. There may be some more things coming along, and maybe I will do an update before I leave if there are. Here is my plan for now.
This is a summer wardrobe plan; if you were going in winter, you would probably need lots more layers and sweaters.

Tops & Dresses

Swimsuit & Bottoms
Columbia black coat with hood (similar) // Vegan leather jacket (similar)

Shoes & Accessories
Merrell hiking shoes // Steve Madden Troopa boots // Red scarf (similar) // Flannel scarf (similar)

I considered buying some new boots, because mine are several years old and the soles are cracking, but since good quality vegan boots are super expensive, I decided to get mine repaired instead and throw in some Dr. Scholl’s insoles for comfort.

The repair cost is not cheap, but cheaper than a new pair of shoes, and I get to keep my favorite boots. I would hate to get rid of them after taking them everywhere with me for so long. Note: my current boots are NOT vegan, but I bought them before I went vegan and decided that I will use everything I already have.

Most of our hiking will be done wearing the hiking shoes, since they are supposed to be able to dry very quickly if they get wet.

Have you ever been to Iceland? What are your clothes packing essentials?

Sorry I Threw You at a Spider, David Sedaris

This is my first post at my blog’s new home, and with its’ new design, yay! I’ve got the majority of it set up, but am still working out the kinks, so if you notice anything strange, like a naked baby hippo hiding in my pages, please let me know, so I can give it clothes and feed it. Just kidding, I would never pet a naked hippo.

As I was about to get in my car for work the other day, I noticed with no small amount of alarm that there was a spider dangling from the top of my doorway, blocking my path. My first instinct was to scream, which I tried immediately. The spider was unfazed and continued dangling, swaying gently back and forth in my doorway.

My next instinct was to remove the spider from my car. My plan was to pick it up using the book I was carrying and drop the spider onto the ground. What actually happened was that I pelted David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day at it like a cannonball.

I felt a little bad as I picked my mistreated book out of a puddle, but I’d like to think David Sedaris would understand. I’d also like to think that the spider escaped and is not living in my car, but since I never found it, I can’t be sure.

That brings me to what I really wanted to talk about, which is books I’ve read lately:

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

There’s something I love about David Sedaris’ stories. I don’t know if relatable is the right word, but he entertains me, even when he’s telling stories about being a performance actor while on heavy drugs. He’s kind of sarcastic and tells lots of funny stories about his family and life as an American in France. They’re also kind of tender and not unkind to strangers and friends he meets.

The Martian by Andy Weir

I know a lot of people loved this book, and it’s not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t love it as much as some people did. This book had me laughing out loud. But, unlike when I’m watching a movie and can tune out technical jargon, reading it here was a little difficult. If you can make it through a little science, it’s definitely worth it.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

I felt like this one could have been a little different. I wanted so many more details! There were several characters, but I thought they could have been more fleshed out. I recently read one of her short stories in an anthology, and it was fantastic. I enjoy her writing, but perhaps this would work better as a short story. It’s actually a fairly short book, and the end flashed by, and I think there a couple more in the series.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

A fantasy book written around Polish and Russian folklore? I couldn’t resist, and the plotline intrigued me. An entire village is protected by a driven wizard known only as the Dragon. The Dragon keeps the nearby corrupted Wood’s powers at bay, at the cost of one girl sent every ten years to serve him.

I only just realized after reading an article about the movie rights to it that this was a YA book. That must have flown right over my head, because I thought it was adult fantasy the entire time I was reading it. It has a romantic storyline and some some amazing fairy tale ingredients. I loved this one, and want to see what else she has written.

What have you been reading, lately?
Have you read any of these books?