Nerd Glasses

When Firmoo offered me to try a pair of glasses, I was instantly excited. I’ve noticed a few others posting about the company, so I was happy to try a pair for myself. Note: All opinions are my own. As much as I keep asking, nobody pays me to write this stuff. Seriously.

I hesitated for a moment because I don’t wear glasses, so that clearly seemed like a problem to me. Luckily, I was able to order a pair without prescription lenses, for ~*~fashion~*~.
I was surprised at the sturdy case they arrived in, complete with a cleaning cloth and a cute little repair tool, which is not in the picture.
Luna was very curious. I think a pair of cat glasses would be adorable.
I was really excited when they arrived to try on my nerd glasses!! I felt instantly more nerdy as I put them on, which I am happy about.
The glasses themselves are well made and bend nicely. They are comfortable and fit my face perfectly.
I can’t tell you whether I would order these for prescription glasses, since I don’t have prescription lenses, but if you are looking for an extra pair, you could always try them. I was able to pick from a ton of different styles.
Overall, I was surprised at the quality and would probably try a pair for some fashionable every day glasses if I were a regular glasses wearer.
You can even stick a picture of yourself in their viewer on their site to see if you like them on yourself.
I wore them when we went to see my mom to freak her out, but she was excited about them. I am definitely going to hang on to them to wear out when I want to feel like a girl with a secret identity as a super nerd.
If you want to try a pair, you can actually get a pair for free, just pay for the the shipping and lenses.

9 thoughts on “Nerd Glasses

  1. They look so great on you!! I love that you chose a bold frame!! You had me cracking up when you said “As much as I keep asking, nobody pays me to write this stuff. Seriously.” – Too funny!!


  2. They look great! I love glasses, but I'm also super blind. (Seriously I got out of the shower this morning and obviously didn't have my glasses on and was worried because there was a huge lump on the floor and I didn't know what it was – it was my cat…) I've always loved the plastic framed glasses and have had them in some form for OVER 10 years before they got super popular 🙂


  3. you are so adorable. these glasses look super fetch on you. super nerdy.
    so i'm a super creep and i like the look of your house in the background. i think you should do a home tour as i am nosy like that.


  4. This is mainly because of they are conscious about their looks and image. Such people are advised to invest in branded glasses, which will not only aid their vision but will also make them look stylish. Website


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