November Goals

1. Make plans for how to survive Thanksgiving vegan-style.

We are traveling to South Carolina, so I’m going to have to pack anything I need to take with me. Maybe I should get my hands on a Tofurky?
2. Read more books.

I am reading the second book in the Outlander series, but I have been seriously slacking on how much I’ve been reading.
3. Keep up workouts during the fall and winter.

I have a habit of hibernating during the cooler months, but I’d like to keep up some form of routine. I have a hard time motivating myself to run outside when it’s cold. What do you do during the winter? I’ve been checking out a ton of videos, lately. Do you have a favorite YouTube fitness channel?
4. Save money.

Greg and I are trying to make a big purchase for our home for Christmas, so it is very important that I save money right now! I did just spend quite a bit on my new phone upgrade, but I plan on trading it in and getting some money back. I also bought myself a winter coat, because my Target one got ripped in the washer and I figured it was time for me to invest in a decent winter jacket. I am trying to cut back this season on the frivolous spending.
5.Β Sell things on Ebay.

To go along with my previous goal, I’d like to earn some money back from the things that are sitting around my house. I set up two things for sale that we’ve never used. Have you ever used Ebay to sell stuff? How did it go – any tips for selling?
What are your goals this month?

8 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. I want to read more books too. There are just so many different ones I want to dive into right now, it is so hard to decide! I need a new coat as well. I Bought an overpriced, super cute coat from Banana Republic last year and it ripped on the third wear! I was so mad!


  2. Definitely more books. I made a goal of 20 for the year.. and have pathetically (for me) read only 3 and 3/4 books… ugh. My shelves are overflowing too so it NEEDS to happen. I also want to save money. We are awful at saving… but have been doing better recently. We rearranged our living room so there was more space for yoga … so that will definitely help with the working out part. πŸ™‚ So pretty similar goals! I also have a craft fair at the end of the month, which I always over-prepare for and it is under-whelming… but I still would like to get some things ready to sell. πŸ™‚ Plus DIYs galore. XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  3. I used to use Ebay a long time ago… I have a load of stuff I could sale – need to check it out.
    Yep… Thanksgiving is hard for vegan/vegetarians… just another reason why I hate it. I just want to stay at home with my Vegetarian slow cooker cook book & not have to hear the family pass judgment on my eating choices πŸ™‚


  4. I use eBay all the time. My tips are to over explain – the more information the better. if clothes, take measurements or describe yourself (i'm 5'9 and this is too short for me). say this is a pet friendly (cats or dogs specifically) home, non smoking etc. list things for a little bit more than what you actually want for them, that way if they don't sell, you can relist for a lower price but still what you want. i 'watch' things and people relist for lower prices all the time, and i normally wait until it's a price i want to pay.
    anyway if you have any specific questions i'd be happy to help!
    so was the first outlander book good? i definitely want to read it.


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