7 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

I do not claim to have any kind of musical prowess, but I do like to turn the music on full blast and chill out on my way home from work at night. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites, lately.

1.) Mother & Father – Broods

She has a beautiful voice, and the beat makes me want to sing a long.

I remember the time when a kiss on the hand was enough
Cause we knew we were free
And we knew what it meant to be loved

 2.) Hustler – Josef Salvat
Love the slow build-up to the beat.

But I got the heart of a hustler,
with a hustlers pain
I got the heart of a hustler,
with all the hustlers shame

 3.) Work Song – Hozier
I am in love with Hozier’s songwriting and voice.

When, my, time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

4.) Stolen Dance – Milky Chance
From the beat, I would think this was a really happy song; the lyrics are about missing someone, but it makes me want to dance.

Dancing on, do the boogie all night long
Stoned in paradise
Shouldn’t talk about it

5.) Taro – alt-J

Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road

I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, but the music is unworldly.

6.) Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) – Florence + the Machine
Sometimes you need to belt some Florence, ’cause she’s amazing.

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights

7.)  Every Other Freckle – alt-J
I haven’t listened to all of alt-J’s new album, but this seems to be along the same lines as the music on their last album. If you haven’t heard their previous album, An Awesome Wave, I recommend it! It’s unlike any music I’ve heard before; they’re an incredible band.

I wanna be every lever you pull
And all showers that shower you
Gonna paw paw at you

What is your current favorite song?

2 thoughts on “7 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

  1. i don't like very many current songs when they come out so i guess it would have to be something i'm ashamed to admit – the one by taylor swift *gasp*.

    i usually listen to oldies ie. stuff from the 80s and 90s….this morning i was blasting the cure.


  2. Will you judge me terribly if I knew none of these songs? Because I don't. I'm sorry! I'm not really into music anymore, not that I'm not into it but I'm not into keeping up with all the new stuff, I tend to stick with the oldies I love, whether they are from the 50s, last week or the 80s lol. Right now I'm crushing on T Swizzle's out of the woods, zero shame, and her album SHOULD be arriving today. Judge away 😐


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