7 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

I do not claim to have any kind of musical prowess, but I do like to turn the music on full blast and chill out on my way home from work at night. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites, lately.

1.) Mother & Father – Broods

She has a beautiful voice, and the beat makes me want to sing a long.

I remember the time when a kiss on the hand was enough
Cause we knew we were free
And we knew what it meant to be loved

 2.) Hustler – Josef Salvat
Love the slow build-up to the beat.

But I got the heart of a hustler,
with a hustlers pain
I got the heart of a hustler,
with all the hustlers shame

 3.) Work Song – Hozier
I am in love with Hozier’s songwriting and voice.

When, my, time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

4.) Stolen Dance – Milky Chance
From the beat, I would think this was a really happy song; the lyrics are about missing someone, but it makes me want to dance.

Dancing on, do the boogie all night long
Stoned in paradise
Shouldn’t talk about it

5.) Taro – alt-J

Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road

I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, but the music is unworldly.

6.) Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) – Florence + the Machine
Sometimes you need to belt some Florence, ’cause she’s amazing.

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights

7.)  Every Other Freckle – alt-J
I haven’t listened to all of alt-J’s new album, but this seems to be along the same lines as the music on their last album. If you haven’t heard their previous album, An Awesome Wave, I recommend it! It’s unlike any music I’ve heard before; they’re an incredible band.

I wanna be every lever you pull
And all showers that shower you
Gonna paw paw at you

What is your current favorite song?

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Friday Favorites – Fashion & Food

It’s time again for my favorites this week. I’m working all weekend, so I’m going to fuel myself up aka stuff my face with Chipotle tomorrow to hopefully get me through.

Favorite Fashion:

Jean Jacket: AE Outfitters (~3 years old – current version) // Top: Lucy and Lyla via Groopdealz // Jeggings: Uniqlo // Booties: Target (similar) // Belt: Target (similar)

I got this colorful top in from my Groopdealz order and it’s awesome. Not that soft on the inside, because it has an extra layer/liner, but the material didn’t bother me all day. I don’t think the top is on Groopdealz anymore, but you can still get it at Lucy and Lyla.

Favorite Bag:

I’m not usually a fan of Betsey Johnson or over the top accessories, but the bow + leopard print is adorable.

Favorite Food:

We made these cookies last weekend, but you are just going to have to believe us, because we ate them all before I could take any pictures. Don’t be scared away by the vegan part – my husband is not vegan and still devoured them.

Crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle…perfect!!

Favorite Moment:

Probably when my cat got his head stuck in the handle of the brown paper recycle bag and ran around like an idiot until the handle ripped off. And he also sat contentedly on the package from my new top.

Favorite Funnies:
Hahahaha..Love whoever this Nevada person is.

Winter is coming.

Me when I’m doing something not quite right, but can’t figure out what it is:

Have a great weekend! Link up with Amanda at Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.

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Avocado Confessions

It’s Wednesday! Totally pooped my brain doing lots of things at work today and feel like I need a sleep recharge. Please let me let loose some confessions from this week…

I was daydreaming about avocado toast on my ride home from work last night and getting myself mentally amped up for eating it for lunch the next day.

Avocado did not cooperate. NOT RIPE. Avocado dreams delayed until avocado is ready. I’m still dreaming of you, avocado toast. Peanut butter will never satisfy that part of my heart/stomach.

Is this even real? Get on my plate, right now!!

Sometimes, when I’m looking for a new book to read, I just cannot figure out what I feel like reading.

This happened last time, and after browsing new books for half an hour on iBooks, I bought  Outlander. I already own the paper copy, and I’ve read it before, but it’s been ages. And let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with highlander fiction.

Have you watched the show? I haven’t seen it, yet, but I think I’m going to have to somehow get my hands on it. I have HBO, but no Showtime.

We did not have hot water in our apartment for 4 days, and it was a cold, cold place.

When it came to showering in an icy cold shower, at first I was prepared to do it. I’ve swam in chilly water before, and I told myself it can’t be that bad.

While at the same time wondering if I can shower without getting wet…

Finally taking the plunge and sticking a toe in.

Nope, just gonna sponge bathe in the utility sink in the garage like a barbarian. At least it has warm water.

Our landlord is a nice guy and has it fixed now, so I took my first warm shower in an few days, today. SO GOOD.

Have you ever tried cold showering?

Vodka and Soda
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The Magic Apparating Car

I know, bad bad blogger! I took a week off, which turned into a month.. But hi :).

Please let me tell you a story about me being dumb so that you will hopefully forget all about this.

I went to the car dealership today to get my oil changed etc, and the guy looked at my car while we are in the garage, taking down the mileage on his paper. Then, he asked me to come over to his desk (still inside the garage). So, my back was turned to where we left my car.

About 30 seconds later, I see a car just like mine pull up in the lane in front of me, and I say, “OOH, another one!!” I have a unique-looking car, so I get excited when I see another (it looks like this).

The guy looked at me and said nothing, but I could tell what he was thinking.

I realized my terrible mistake about five seconds later.. that is my car. My car is able to move from behind me to in front of me without the use of magic or cloning itself. I was laughing so hard, I can be so dumb sometimes.

Last month, for my birthday, Greg took me to see Wicked, which has been my dream for a long time. Basically, it was one of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen and there were tears. Mine, not Greg’s. He didn’t even shed any over my restaurant choices.

We got asked by a ton of people in costumes to take pictures with them. Just don’t go near those guys dressed as Woody, ’cause that is effing creepy.

The vegan restaurants we tried were delicious!! My favorites are still closer to home, in Philly. Not that I’m going to argue with any burger with two onion rings on it. This is the Skyscraper from Blossom du Jour.

Have you been to see any musicals or shows?
Which ones do you want to see?