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Sunday Thoughts

Three day weekends are the best – it feels weird (actually, fabulous) not to have to work on Monday.

My favorite fashion find this week is this inexpensive dress from Forever 21. I accidentally left the $12.80 tag on it for a good couple hours while I was out, but who cares…share the sale.

I admit most of my day revolves around food. Mostly the eating, not so much the cooking. If you need someone to eat your food, please invite me. I don’t mean to brag, but I can consume plenty of food.

Greg and I pooled our powers together (okay, mostly his) to cook our favorite tofu recipe, General Tso’s Tofu. I could eat endless bowls – SO GOOD. Homemade General Tso’s sauce is crazy delicious. And I like my tofu best fried in yummy oil.

We were planning to visit Washington, D.C. this weekend.

We set the alarm.

We turned the alarm off.

And slept till 10:30 AM.

It was fantastic… I lie in bed thinking, “Put clothes on or sleep?” Ummmmm, we doesn’t need clothes, hobbitses.

We went to see Let’s Be Cops, and I was prepared for it to be a disaster, but it was hilarious. It doesn’t beat The Other Guys or 21 Jump Street for me, but I enjoyed it. You should probably just watch all of those, because they’re all great buddy comedies.

How is/was your weekend?
Have you seen any good movies, lately?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. That dress is super cute!
    And I loved general tso's seitan when I didn't have a wheat allergy. I tried the tofu version but I just can't get past the tofu texture. Someone told me to freeze it ahead of time so it's not so tofu-y. Did you guys do that?
    Also, favorite line:
    Ummmmm, we doesn't need clothes, hobbitses.


  2. what an adorable dress! i can never find anything at F21; mostly because it's so messy i can't get my head around having to sort through racks of clothes strewn about. same reason i have trouble shopping at winners or tj maxx or roxx… the disorganized mess throws me off!

    Vodka and Soda


  3. I have never cooked tofu, we bought some once and got scared to cook it so it just sat in the fridge and then we had to throw it out. that recipe looks amazing though.
    that is such a cute F21 dress, i love a lot of their clothes on other people or on the rack but they look stupid on me, normally too short. i think i'll wait for that cops movie to come on dvd, though we loved 21 jump street.


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