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Top 5 Fall Essentials

It’s finally cooling down after our mini heat wave last week. Temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s here in Delaware, it’s fantastic.

I had to work all weekend, and it was fairly stressful, so I’d like to relax this week.

Greg’s been busy tormenting one of our cats, Luna, by layering her with Tough Mudder headbands:

Now that it’s September, I’m getting closer to being able to wear fall clothes again. I found out about Raise, which is a cool idea, if you are planning on doing some shopping. Basically, it allows you to buy gift cards for places you already shop at a discounted price and sell unwanted gift cards for cash. They also have restaurant and food gift cards – I need a Red Robin one! It was my favorite pre-vegan days place & I still love it.

Top 5 Fall Essentials
1. I can’t wait to try these out. I bought them when they were on sale at Nordstrom’s, but it’s been too warm to wear them this summer. You can bet I’m going to be trying to pass these off as pants all fall and winter.

Does anyone know why these are reversible if they are the same color inside??

2. I’d like a nice deep color to wear on my nails, like this dark blue red.

3. Bows and bows. Put a bow on the back and I’m in.

4. I like to pretend I’m wearing pants, while I’m cheating and actually wearing leggings. It was my first time wearing jeggings today. I feel like I could fight crime.

5. Booties, booties, booties everywhere. I love how booties give me a little heel without making me think I’m going to lose control of my feet like an unbalanced panda.

What are your fall essentials?
Do you make your pets wear clothes/objects??

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Favorites: All About the Books

Is it Friday already? I am usually so excited for Friday, but I have drill this weekend AKA work, and why can’t I just lay on the couch with cats. Whatever, I’m still going to try to sneak some wine in this weekend.

Favorite Book:
I just finished the Divergent trilogy, and I’m still calling it my favorite read, lately, even though I cried my eyeballs out. It did not go as I expected, nope not at all.

Now I’m reading Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson. It’s about a woman who has a certain type of amnesia which makes her forget all of her adult memories every time she falls asleep and wakes in the morning.

It’s going to be a movie soon, with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. It’s good so far – it’s intriguing and I want to find out what the hell is really going on here.

Favorite Food:
Is it still a problem if you have no plans to change it? Let’s just call it a situation…I have a tortilla chip situation, to the point where the idea of making my own tortilla chips is sounding delicious.

Favorite Running Shoe:
I just bought a new pair of Brooks to run in – Brooks Ghost 7, but they are NOT my favorite, not yet at least. I bought them to replace my old Brooks, but I miss my old pair and wish these fit as well. I’m still giving them a chance, trying to break them in.

But I’m considering trying another, because Nike has some cute options, like these Luna Forever 3‘s.

Any favorites with decent cushioning?

Favorite Funnies:
Me when I walk in heels:

TAAAATER TOOOOTTTS! Chris Pratt + Anna Faris:

I get hangry sometimes.

Happy Friday!!!! Have a great weekend.

Linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.

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5 Things to Do with $100

I was inspired to write this post by Dollar Shave Club. All opinions are mine, and I have received no money or compensation for anything I write.

I literally have shaving irritation from my current razor as I speak, so I am in need of a new razor. Have you guys tried DSC?

They are traditionally for men, but I know lots of ladies are using them, too. For how much I spend on razor blade refills, it’s a good deal. They start at $1 a month and go up to $9 a month. According to them, they can save you $100 by switching to DSC.

Which brings me to my next point… what I would do with 100 extra bucks..

I may have already done some of these things, because I don’t seem to have any extra 100 bucks laying around.

#1 – Rent a Kayak
Kayak rentals are usually cheap, or you can team up and rent one canoe instead. For ultimate laziness, you can do what we did and take a tube, which requires virtually no arm use. Any way you choose, floating down a river is a fun place to be.

#2 – Buy the Harry Potter Box Set
Rereading Harry Potter would be fantastic out of this set. I have never given in and bought a new one (my old set is irretrievable). It even comes in a little trunk. Our apartment is tiny, but I could make room.

#3 – Splurge on a New Pair of Shoes
I am liking this pair of J. Crew Factory Marley ballet flats, because I could always use more variety of flats for work.

#4 – Go Ziplining
I’ve only done this once, and while I was terrified at first (then during…and peed myself after.. JK), it was a lot of fun. I think they have this anywhere there are trees?? We have a company called Go Ape close to us, but we haven’t tried that one yet.
#5 – Go See a Football Game
If you are like me, and often prefer to watch people do crazy shit, you could go see a game. Football and hockey are my favorite to see live. And you know football season is about to get CRAZY (LET’S GO, GAMECOCKS!!).
Despite living near Philly, the only games I keep up with are my Cocks!! I wish I could make it to a game, maybe one year. I would go to see almost any team, though. I love hanging out in a tiny seat eating fries (CRAB FRIES, please!), watching the other fans, & yelling incoherently.
What can you do with $100?
Have you tried Dollar Shave Club?
What is your go to snack for live games?
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Sunday Thoughts

Three day weekends are the best – it feels weird (actually, fabulous) not to have to work on Monday.

My favorite fashion find this week is this inexpensive dress from Forever 21. I accidentally left the $12.80 tag on it for a good couple hours while I was out, but who cares…share the sale.

I admit most of my day revolves around food. Mostly the eating, not so much the cooking. If you need someone to eat your food, please invite me. I don’t mean to brag, but I can consume plenty of food.

Greg and I pooled our powers together (okay, mostly his) to cook our favorite tofu recipe, General Tso’s Tofu. I could eat endless bowls – SO GOOD. Homemade General Tso’s sauce is crazy delicious. And I like my tofu best fried in yummy oil.

We were planning to visit Washington, D.C. this weekend.

We set the alarm.

We turned the alarm off.

And slept till 10:30 AM.

It was fantastic… I lie in bed thinking, “Put clothes on or sleep?” Ummmmm, we doesn’t need clothes, hobbitses.

We went to see Let’s Be Cops, and I was prepared for it to be a disaster, but it was hilarious. It doesn’t beat The Other Guys or 21 Jump Street for me, but I enjoyed it. You should probably just watch all of those, because they’re all great buddy comedies.

How is/was your weekend?
Have you seen any good movies, lately?