Friday Favorites: Where’s the PIZZA??

Happy Friday! Tonight is a late night at work, but after that is sweet freedom. I can’t wait for the weekend – I need to shop for some new running shoes and sleep and eat lots of food. All the foods.

Favorite Photo:
These two pretend to not get along, and then we catch them like this.

Favorite Food:
We made this vegan pizza, with peppers and homemade vegan parmesan cheese. Soooo goood. Minimalist Baker is probably my favorite recipe site.

Favorite Beauty Item:
This glow in the dark nail polish is sitting in my Amazon cart, and it is tempting to check out. I also have a couple others in there, like Too Yacht to Handle. This is how people end up with 200 nail polishes.

Favorite App:
I finally did it – I downloaded the Kim Kardashian game. I’ve never seen an episode of Meet the Kardashians in my life, but I’m enjoying this game!! I think I’m supposed to be becoming a model/fashion/pop star mutant hybrid. All I know is, Willow Pape needs to get off my back.

Favorite Funnies:
The best sexting..

I just sit down for a minute, and then “Oh look, Jurassic Park is on.”

I’ve ridden this ride before.

LOL the Hulk…”Is that Paul Rudd?” Also where did that tiny woman come from?

Have a great weekend!! Linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Where’s the PIZZA??

  1. Please tell me that the “Where's the Pizza?” title of your post is a reference to Jennifer Laurence??
    Oh My Goodness that Pizza looks amazing!!! Home made vegan parmesan cheese I am so intreged, I used to be a vegan but my lust for cheese ended up getting the better of me and I went back to the dairy side. Do you have a recipe for this up on your blog? I would love love LOVE to try this!!
    Happy Friday


  2. Hahaha I love the photo bomb! That's totally me with cleaning…only usually with my laptop. “Let me put on some music…and check twitter…and facebook…and blogs…annnnd it's bedtime!”


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