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Favorites: It Says Pie

I am SO excited it’s Friday!!!! I have had multiple days this week where I laid in bed wishing I could nap all day.

I also just removed two bugs from our house after the cats chased them around without actually planning on eating them. They are like having a bug alarm system in the house. “BUG! THERE’S A BUG! HUMAN, WE HAVE NOTICED A CREATURE!” Today, Boba got a spider stuck to his paw by the thread, so when I picked Boba up, the spider came swinging at me. Summer is bug nightmares for me.

Anyway, I am ready for a break, and during the weekend, hopefully Greg can rescue me from the bugs. Here are a few of my favorites this week.

Favorite Picture:
Trying to get a cute picture with my cat, but all he can do is bite my head.

Favorite Food:
Trader Joe’s thai lime and chili cashews are spicy and like crack. My mouth waters thinking about a salty, spicy, delicious snack. They are also really good for road trips.

Favorite Read:
We rewatched Divergent while we were down South, and it made me want to reread the book. I did, and now I’m finally reading the second book, which I have NOT read before. This series is fascinating and I love the characters. I’m worried about the ending – I’ve heard just a few things and it seems like it’s going to be sad. I don’t know – don’t tell me, but I hope it’s good!

Favorite Purchase:
I almost never drop a lot of money on jeans, but during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I tried on these J Brand dark plum skinny jeans, and they were like little fluffy kittens wrapped around my legs AND almost half off. Sooo, they came home with me. So far, I love them and they are the softest jeans I’ve ever owned. The woman at the register told me that washing your jeans inside out actually helps them last longer.

Also, while I was trying them on, the little alarm on the pant leg started beeping like crazy, so I figured I’d better buy them so they don’t think I’m a pant thief who is really bad at stealing pants.

Favorite Funny:
I share Dean’s love for pie.

Have a great weekend!! Linking up with Amanda at Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.

8 thoughts on “Favorites: It Says Pie

  1. My teen son just purchased the Divergent movie and I'm going to watch it soon. I've heard great things about the books. Hoping to catch up and read them soon as well. Nothing like a great buy on a great piece of apparel!


  2. seriously though about the bugs. whenever all 3 cats are in the same spot, staring up (or down, if they injured it) i know there is a bug. last night Penny jumped over my face, over the couch, straight into the blinds, came crashing down and still didn't get the bug.
    Aw Chelsea does the biting head thing. Does your cat play with your hair when it's in a bun? Or is that just my weirdo middle child?
    I really liked Divergent (movie and book) and the second one was ok. Look, I don't want to tell you but just don't. don't read the 3rd. Although if you're like me, as if, of course you're gonna read the 3rd. When you do, tell me, and I'll tell you what to do next, cause I'm a loser.


  3. i've heard so much about supernatural and how those two guys have the greatest dialog…BUT i'm too scared to watch it. i got through maybe 15mins of the very 1st episode and turned it off.

    as for insurgent, i was disappointed in the book. not even close to be as amazing as the first one 😦

    Vodka and Soda


  4. “I just read 'pie.'” Bahahah! Yes, the summertime bug situation has GOT to stop! The hubs is pretty MIA and my cat is THE SAME WAY: “Bug! Bug! Bug!” But then just chases it around trying to make it his friend! WTF? No! We do NOT befriend bugs in this house! The spider thing? Yeah, no. I can't believe you survived that. Braver than I, I say.


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