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Friday Favorites: Dog Torpedo

This week has gone by really fast, because I have felt a little off schedule lately. I guess a fast week is good when it leads to a three day weekend! Greg started class back this week, and I’m still trying to adjust to his new college schedule.

Favorite Beauty Item:
I am sure I am the last one to know about this, but Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner rocks. I love how liquidy it is and it feels nice going on my eyes. As long as a cat doesn’t attack my legs while I’m doing it, it usually goes on smooth.

It lasts alllll day, and doesn’t smudge.

Favorite Video:
Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles are my favorite. I don’t even watch his show, but his games are the best. I’ve watched all of the lip sync battles, and this one gave me new appreciation for Paul Rudd.

Favorite Nail Polish:I decided to give Wet n Wild nail polish a shot, since this bottle was only two dollars at Target. I love it – so glossy, and it comes with this huge brush that fits perfectly the shape of my fingers. I bought it in Wet n Wild Sugar Coat.

Favorite Workout Gear:Found this workout tank at Dick’s Sporting Goods AND it was on sale, sweet. It’s soft and long, so it will be great for over capri leggings, when it gets cooler outside. It’s still on sale here, and they also have it in black.

Favorite Funnies:Inception bucket.

Dog torpedo!!

It’s Friday, so you know what? F*** this..

Enjoy yourself, and have a fabuuuuloous weekend!

Have lots of fun, but not TOO much.

Linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.

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Confessions: A Goose in the Night

Is it almost the end of August already? How does this happen every time? I’m hoping that signals some cooler weather, ’cause I was baking like a sweet potato tot today. Time for a few confessions…

A lot of people hit snooze on their alarms, but I don’t know how they do it. If I am conscious enough to hit snooze on my iphone, I am turning that thing off so it cannot disturb me again. If Greg and I both have to get up, I ask him to set his a little later in case I turn mine off while I’m sleeping.

I was lurking on Craigslist today. Okay, I was lurking in the PETS section of Craigslist today, like I always do, and saw pot belly pigs for sale. I would like to adopt a tiny pig, but our apartment is too small.

The geese at my work are traveling in packs. You don’t want to find yourself alone near one. Once, while I was leaving work and it was dark, I walked too close and a goose started hissing at me. Almost pooped my pants.

I would rather do dishes than laundry any day. I put laundry in, forget about it for two days, then am mad at myself when I have to rewash it. And that’s why Greg handles alllllll the laundry.

Linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions this week. Have a great Hump Day!

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Fall Fashion Wishlist

When does fall start? I have been looking for a few new things to wear to work, but no luck. Maybe fall fashion sales are not in full swing yet. It’s still summer clothes time for now.

Jean jacket: American Eagle (similar) // Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Old Navy // Wedges: Tom’s

I can find a billion dresses I would like to wear, but dressing for work is harder. I don’t wear dresses to work, because mostly everyone wears jeans/pants etc.

Not that I’m complaining about being able to wear jeans to work, but I’d like to wear something different every now and then.

Any good Labor Day sales coming up??

Kristen’s recent post about boots made me start thinking about what I’d like to find this fall.

Fall Fashion Wishlist:
Distressed denim with just the right amount of rips.
A cute peplum top.
Rain boots – I actually need these for all seasons.
Tights for layering + cute boots. Last time I wore pantyhose (real life pantyhose, not tights), I Hulk-ripped them. I would like to find some that do not squeeze me in an iron grasp, but don’t know if it’s possible.
Colorful separates. One thing I am not ready for is the shades of autumn – is it okay to keep wearing bright colors during the fall? I think so.

What is on your wishlist?
Do you need anything for your fall wardrobe?


Friday Favorites: Where’s the PIZZA??

Happy Friday! Tonight is a late night at work, but after that is sweet freedom. I can’t wait for the weekend – I need to shop for some new running shoes and sleep and eat lots of food. All the foods.

Favorite Photo:
These two pretend to not get along, and then we catch them like this.

Favorite Food:
We made this vegan pizza, with peppers and homemade vegan parmesan cheese. Soooo goood. Minimalist Baker is probably my favorite recipe site.

Favorite Beauty Item:
This glow in the dark nail polish is sitting in my Amazon cart, and it is tempting to check out. I also have a couple others in there, like Too Yacht to Handle. This is how people end up with 200 nail polishes.

Favorite App:
I finally did it – I downloaded the Kim Kardashian game. I’ve never seen an episode of Meet the Kardashians in my life, but I’m enjoying this game!! I think I’m supposed to be becoming a model/fashion/pop star mutant hybrid. All I know is, Willow Pape needs to get off my back.

Favorite Funnies:
The best sexting..

I just sit down for a minute, and then “Oh look, Jurassic Park is on.”

I’ve ridden this ride before.

LOL the Hulk…”Is that Paul Rudd?” Also where did that tiny woman come from?

Have a great weekend!! Linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.


Confessions: Walking Normal

Yesterday’s post was a confession all on it’s own, but I’m back to my regular confessions.

I get really annoyed when I can’t eat something because it’s not vegan. Obviously, I can’t have that big bowl of queso (boo), but why are you adding milk products to my tortilla chips, Tostitos?

If you see me reading a book in my car, you should probably not walk next to my window and start talking to me. I cannot get any private moments at work…before work… on break at work. I want to finish my book!! I would love to talk to my coworkers at work, but it’s kind of alarming when someone pops up next to my window.

On the topic of yesterday’s post, when I’ve had just a small drink or two at a restaurant and suddenly I have to stand up to leave, I try to walk as normal as possible so no one notices the party in my head.

 Brave is my favorite new Disney movie. I don’t know if it’s the Scottish accents, but I love watching it every time it’s on TV. It is sweet and I cried the first time I watched it in theaters. Now, it just makes me laugh.

Speaking of Disney movies, I have a bunch of Disney songs on my Spotify playlist, and will sing a long to all of them, especially if they are a Disney villain song – those are my favorite.

I like to stay busy at work. If it gets slow, I try to occupy myself without going online since we aren’t allowed. Luckily, there’s usually something to do all day.

I’m linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions, go check it out!

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Why I’m THAT Girl at the Festival

This weekend was simultaneously fantastic and slightly embarrassing. Y’all don’t even know how ladylike I am. Please allow me to explain.

We went to the Oddball Comedy Festival in Camden, NJ, and it was freaking awesome. We saw Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, and a bunch of other comedians that were really good.

We got there at the start time on the tickets, but we still had a couple hours till the actual show started, so we got some crab fries and watched the host do a pre-show.

If you come to Maryland / the East Coast area and get nothing else, you have to get some Chickie and Pete’s crab fries. They are the crack of all french fries. And if you are an omnivore / cheese eater like my husband, you can also dip them in crazy delicious cheese sauce.

Then I got a little daring and thought, “I’m gonna have a beer, too, why not? It’s Saturday night, let’s get a little wild.”

But the real trouble started when, after ordering my Redd’s Apple Ale, the bartender asked me if I wanted “the big one.” Yes, of course I do. Are you questioning my beverage capacities?

Did I mention I hardly ever drink? So I’m kind of a lightweight, but I don’t want to believe I’m a lightweight.

So, naturally, after my mega size ale, I was having a GREAT time.

The magic was flowing, so I decided to have another.

By that time, the show was halfway through and it was dark outside. After drinking the second one like it was Dr. Pepper, Greg asked me if I wanted one more. Hello, dumb question! Drunk Jess always wants one more.

After the third one (I told you I’m a lightweight), things still seemed up, but, little to my limited knowledge, were quickly rolling downhill. I decided laying on the grass seemed much more comfortable (we were on the lawn, no seats).

Louis C.K. came on as the headlining and final act, and I could no longer watch the screen without seeing double of him. So I tried one eyeball, but quickly gave up on that, and decided to enjoy his act while resting my eyes.

After Louis finished, the show ended, so everyone around us got up and started walking toward the exit. Greg stood up, offering me a hand, as I sat up and stared ponderously around us. As I sat there, I realized that there was no way I could coordinate walking and I suddenly also realized I didn’t feel quite right.

And that’s when I puked on the Susquehanna Bank Center lawn.

I felt so bad. I was also worried that everyone was watching, but a lot of people were already moving away from us. At least I was wearing pants. And I felt much better.

Greg took us to the car and drove me home, where I proceeded to shower and curl up in bed.

So, anyway, yes, I was THAT girl at the festival. But I survived, and to be honest, I had a fantastic time.

Have you ever done anything embarrassing while drinking?

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Friday Favorites: Snooki & a Vampire

Happy Friday! I can’t complain about this week. The weather has been pretty nice, and I have the windows open right now. This summer seems much shorter than the last, maybe because the heat didn’t seem as crazy *knock on wood*. We still have some summer left, so I’m trying to enjoy that. I can’t decide if I am missing fall yet.

Favorite Treat:
When I realized I was quickly circling to almost a full year since my last haircut and color, I decided it was time. It was probably more like 8 months since the last one, but when you are slowly turning into Chewbacca, it feels like much longer.

She lightened up my color with some highlights and gave me a quick trim. Some days you just gotta wrap your head in aluminum foil and stick it inside a helmet blow dryer. I want to go to the blonde side! Next time, possibly blonder.

Favorite TV Show:
I started watching True Blood from the beginning again, since I can’t remember where I left off, and I AM IN IT. I’m not saying it’s a great show. But I am in it now. Most of the time I don’t know what the hell just happened.

And then, with every werewolf-witch-fairy plot twist, I feel the same way.

But in the end, I don’t care because I love it, in all of its cheesiness and sexy bits and things that crack me up.

Favorite Video:
You guys might have seen this already, but watch it if not! Chris Pratt is awesome. And if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, you should go see it. Greg and I are still laughing about it a couple weeks later. It’s probably my favorite movie this year, but I loooove almost all Marvel movies (Captain America wasn’t my favorite, but love the rest).

Favorite Funnies:

True fact.

My plans for this weekend.

Have a great weekend!!