Sorry to be such a downer on my previous post – I’ve been absent for quite a while because I was with my family. The one bright side of all this was that it brought the WHOLE family together, which almost never happens anymore.

We are all spread out between Hawaii (my uncle lives there & I’ve never been!!), South Carolina, Delaware, California, and Virginia. Last week, we were all together with my grandmother after my grandfather passed away. I love them all so much, it was fantastic to see them again.

Below are my cousin, myself, and my mom while we were on a pizza run. All my cousins are sweethearts & so fun, I just want to hug them.

I also got to hang out with my mom’s new pup, Hobbes.

I can’t even describe how short his legs are and and how adorable fat his tummy is. He’s an old pup, but he still acts like a puppy, besides snoring and grumbling like an old man. Mom has started calling him Hobbit, and it fits.

We got in last night (drove from South Carolina to Delaware) and today we relaxed, cleaned, and caught up on shopping. Then we made some yummy BBQ veggie burgers, corn on the cob, and sweet potato fries.

Vegan food is not easy to come by when you’re traveling or not cooking it yourself, so a home-cooked meal was so desired. I can’t live on Sonic tater tots for very long. Although, I did have a Nerds slushy, and you guys were not lying – DELICIOUS.

I missed my cozy house, but I miss my family already. Sometimes bringing everyone together again reminds me of where I got my sick sense of humor. They are awesome & I wish I could see them more.

4 thoughts on “Together

  1. hiiii!!! i missed you. I am so sorry about your loss 😦 I only have one grandparent (its her birthday today!) and I can't even imagine. big hugs girly!
    i struggle finding gluten free / vegetarian options when I'm on the road I end up eating meat and gluten (vomit) every time! but now i want a nerds slushy!
    i'm sorry for the reason your family came together, but its so true about where you get your sense of humour from, right? when KC finally met all of my family he said suddenly one day 'now 90% of your personality makes more sense' haha. guess I am more like my family than I thought πŸ˜‰


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