Sorry to be such a downer on my previous post – I’ve been absent for quite a while because I was with my family. The one bright side of all this was that it brought the WHOLE family together, which almost never happens anymore.

We are all spread out between Hawaii (my uncle lives there & I’ve never been!!), South Carolina, Delaware, California, and Virginia. Last week, we were all together with my grandmother after my grandfather passed away. I love them all so much, it was fantastic to see them again.

Below are my cousin, myself, and my mom while we were on a pizza run. All my cousins are sweethearts & so fun, I just want to hug them.

I also got to hang out with my mom’s new pup, Hobbes.

I can’t even describe how short his legs are and and how adorable fat his tummy is. He’s an old pup, but he still acts like a puppy, besides snoring and grumbling like an old man. Mom has started calling him Hobbit, and it fits.

We got in last night (drove from South Carolina to Delaware) and today we relaxed, cleaned, and caught up on shopping. Then we made some yummy BBQ veggie burgers, corn on the cob, and sweet potato fries.

Vegan food is not easy to come by when you’re traveling or not cooking it yourself, so a home-cooked meal was so desired. I can’t live on Sonic tater tots for very long. Although, I did have a Nerds slushy, and you guys were not lying – DELICIOUS.

I missed my cozy house, but I miss my family already. Sometimes bringing everyone together again reminds me of where I got my sick sense of humor. They are awesome & I wish I could see them more.


Loved Ones

My grandfather passed away this past weekend, Saturday July 19, 2014. We got the call last week that he was in the hospital, and we were luckily given the chance to tell him how much we loved him before he left us a few short days later.

Sorry to disable comments, but I’m not in the mood to reply back. I appreciate any prayers and/or well wishes you may send toward our family, though. I have met so many sweet bloggers here and I am sure many of you have gone through this before. ❤

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Nap Party Is My Kind of Party

Goodbye sweet weekend!! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday. We had a great one in which I realized I am way too old to stay out till 2 AM at a bar, especially when I don’t even drink anything.

We hung out with one of Greg’s best friends who was in town and he is far more skilled at drinking/partying than us. On the weekend, I’m usually in bed by midnight, only after I’ve gotten my hands on some cookies and milk. Then I’m ready to fall asleep with a book in my hand. Staying out is cool sometimes, but I could never keep up every weekend!!

We had fun and then were couch potatoes the rest of the weekend. We did some shopping and Chipotle-eating, which are some of my favorite things. I could eat a whole bag of those Chipotle chips.

Top: Old Navy (similar) // Skirt: Forever 21 // Boots: Steve Madden // Purse: Francesca’s (similar)

We made some yummy Vegan Cheddar Broccoli Mac & Cheese Bake. Possibly the best vegan recipe we’ve made. Sometimes I miss cheese so much, and this was perfect. It’s been a few months since I’ve had cheese, but this tasted pretty damn cheesy to me.

Finally took these pasty legs out for a run in the summer sun. I have to sunscreen my face in this heat, and I still come back looking like a tomato, but at least not burnt.

Still needing a new pair of running shoes, but too undecided on which ones. Any favorites?

Is the summer already hitting where you are?
Are you a fan of summer weather or do you prefer the cold?
Do you stay out late on the weekends?

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She Took My Blanket – Favorites

Happy Fourth to everyone, and happy Friday if you’re not celebrating! The work day seems to go by even slower when you are waiting for a long weekend to start. I’m finally out and can share some favorites from lately.

Favorite Photo:
Boba enjoying rolling around outside. Since we started taking him out on a leash, he tries to wander outside every time we open the door. All he wants to do is lie on the rocks and chew on leaves. Who can blame him?

Favorite Food:
These are vegan…and I am always looking for ways to avoid cooking anything unless it is baked things going into my mouth. My mouth is watering just looking at them. Need to make!! HEllooo DIA-BEET-US.

Favorite Show:
I know everyone has already binge watched season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, but I’m still catching up. I love how badass Piper is in this season. She isn’t even taking Red’s shit. And who knew Morello was SO crazy??

Favorite Wishlist Item:
It’s around time for a new pair of running shoes. I have this pair right now, but I have no idea how many miles are on them. I’ve heard you are supposed to change them after 400-600. They also survived the Spartan Race and even after a good washing are pretty muddy looking.

I love my Brooks, but I’ve been thinking of trying Nike. I’ve had the Nike Free’s before, but they did not have enough support for me. This pair seems to be more padded and is cute:

Favorite Cuteness:

I could watch this pug puppy riding a dragon pug puppy over and over.

Favorite Funnies:
No context..whatsoever. I love this show.

Me this weekend, after one drink:

How I felt during my run today.. Summer is not meant for the pasty.

Linking up with Amanda at Meet @ the Barre today for Friday Favorites. Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!!!

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One More Episode

This week’s Hump Day is even better than usual, because my work week ends on Thursday. So far, I have zero plans for the Fourth, except I want to see some freakin’ fireworks! Time to get into some confessions…

I realized my Game of Thrones episodes were leaving OnDemand on 7/1, so I finished watching the last 6 episodes of season 4 within 24 hours. It was a great night / morning.

Speaking of HBO, my efforts turned out to be needless, anyway, because I caved and subscribed. I mean, HBO Go is too hard to resist, and the talk about True Blood lately has me wanting to go back and rewatch so I can catch up. Even though I know I’m gonna be over the crazy fairy stuff, don’t care. The other parts of the show are worth it. Just kidding, I like Sookie, even when Bill says, “SOOKEH.”

Remember the lovely peplum tops I posted about from J. Crew Factory? I bought three, because they were having a huge sale, and I sent them all back today. They were WAY too big. It looked like I was wearing a bag – has anyone else had this problem with J. Crew Factory sizes?

Have you ever seen this movie? Don’t watch it. Greg had to change the channel because I was crying too much to eat my bean burger. The crying where your face is all squished and sad and your throat closes up and there’s a lot of snot involved. This is a Disney movie??? Do they want the children to be sad?? It probably had a happy ending, but I was not prepared for this treachery, Disney.

On the bright side, something you should watch is Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was by far the best Transformers movie I’ve seen. This one was actually funny, and I recognized the actress as the girl from Bates Motel. It’s awesome if you want to see Mark Wahlberg do Mark Wahlberg things.

Linking up with Kathy today for Humpday Confessions – be sure to visit & join in – I love reading everyone else’s confessions.

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