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Maxi Season

It’s the beginning of a new week, but this time we have the 4th of July to look forward to. YESSSS, four-day work week!!

We had no plans besides hanging out this weekend and possibly napping, and Saturday morning I literally slept until 11 AM. To be fair, I worked until 1 AM. I love working evening shift most of the time, but once a month I have to work a couple hours late.

We had a hot, sunny day today, but I felt nice and breezy in this maxi dress. I posted before when I bought it and a few other things from Forever 21, so I wanted to show how the fit turned out. I also don’t have to wear a bra with backless dresses, mega bonusss!! As Zooey Deschanel says, no one likes boob jail.

As you can see, Boba escaped to sneak into the background of my photos. I take him out on a leash sometimes to “walk,” but mostly he just chews on grass and reacts with absolute terror to garbage trucks.

I just made these vegan almond butter snickerdoodles, so I’m going to stuff a few in my mouth, and I’ll update you on if they are good or not. I can already tell..we’re going to need more cookies. If you make the recipe, I recommend doubling it – I probably got 12-13 cookies. They smell so so yummy, though.

8 thoughts on “Maxi Season

  1. That dress is so cute! I am so bummed bc going without a “prison” isn't an option for me and sooooo many cute dresses right now require it 😦 Love your semi-outdoor kitty. I want to take mine out but he's afraid of everything so he would freak out!


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