The Struggle of the Pants

I think I need a weekend from my weekend. I wish work gave everyone an extra week of vacation for the purpose of staying home and doing absolutely nothing.

I worked on Saturday, because it’s our peak period, which means they need extra help. Today, I received a text to come in early, but I already had plans to do some retail therapy before that. Which leads me to the pants struggle.
Buying pants should be simple. See style of pants you like in color you like, buy pants. Alas, no. Hunting for pants is like searching for the golden freaking magic chicken for me.
After ripping part of the seams on the legs of two of my ponte pants recently, I decided to do some leisurely shopping today. The reason I’ve ripped the seams on the pants is that I am constantly pulling them up, because I didn’t notice when I bought them that they don’t have any belt loops!! Humongous problem, because the legs are just right, but the waist is way too big and I have to safety pin it.
I always have the same problem with pants – huge waist but the legs fit. Is there a magic secret for buying pants?? Here is all I can think while I shop for pants:
‘Ooh, these are perfect! How much are th….$169.00??? Oh shit, here comes the saleswoman to ask if you need help. Pretend you can afford them but aren’t interested.’

‘These fit great.’ *turns around* ‘Mom butt.’

‘Which size should I get? I’ll just try 3 different ones.’

‘Great, so I can possibly wear anywhere between 3 sizes depending on the brand.’

‘IT’S STUCK ON MY LEG!!! HELP. please why. it’s happening.’ *falls off sitty stool*
I finally found a pair at Old Navy, today. They are similar to this pair with a little more distressed look. I wore them all day and enjoyed the summery style so hopefully I still like them in the next few days.
But seriously, why is pants shopping so complicated? So far, Old Navy is my favorite because they have a few different styles for body types. Usually, I go for the Diva, but these were on sale in Rockstar.
Is it just me? Do you ever have pants struggles? 
Hints/tips….any favorite brand?

10 thoughts on “The Struggle of the Pants

  1. the story of my life. my problem is that i have giant quads and calves so i have to go up a size so my legs can get through but then the waist is so big that even if i use a belt, it's uncomfortable because it bunches up at the waist. i have to wear pants that have lycra or spandex as part of the material so i can get a proper fit (for my legs). old navy jeans are not bad even though they don't fit me properly (the waist is always big) but sevens are amazing…just so dang expensive!!!


  2. Have you ever tried Forever 21 jeans? They are nice and stretchy and uber cheap and I don't care if they get ruined. I really love Citizens ( they have some stretch in them) but definitely crazy expensive so if I buy them I try to find some at Nordstrom Rack. I feel like that is a great place to look, so many different styles. 🙂


  3. The pants struggle IS REAL! I honestly don't understand why they don't size womens jeans like mens just by a simple inch measurement.. not any of this sometimes I'm a size 5 but sometimes I'm a size 10 depending on the store garbage. I also think all womens jeans need to be stretchy in the thighs, hips, and butt because I have always had the same problem.

    Dearest Lou


  4. ugh! i hate pants. i dont have the exact same problem, but i have enough problems of my own. they are always too short, a little big in the waist, and make me look fat. i hate pants.


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