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Favorites – Stalker Cats

I am so happy..because it’s finally Friday!! Work yesterday was crazy..I’m already dealing with PMS, so my brain was not ready for the ridiculous amount of stuff to get done. Friday will help me de-clutter my brain and hopefully relax! I love sharing some of my favorites…

Cat Pics:
Have you ever felt…watched.. while you were doing the dishes?

It’s a fun game we play, where she pretends to be super creepy and stalk me while I do dishes…. I hope it’s a game.

Then my boy thinks he can just jump in the sink and “MROWW” at me to play with him. Because obviously, the sink was in the way of playing.

Today is burrito bowl day. One of my favorite times of the day is the time I get to down a bowl full of rice and guacamole.


This was taken at the very last obstacle of our Spartan Race. Greg looks like a freakin’ ninja, haha. I am thinking, “WOO! I didn’t break anything!!”


I want to take a little piggy home! So adorable. If you want to be overwhelmed with cuteness, here are some more pigs doing pig things.

I ordered this maxi dress, because I am in love with the back. I hope it looks as good in person, I can’t wait for my order to arrive! This weekend, my goal is to find a pair of wedges to pair with dresses and shorts for the summer.

Enjoy your weekend, see you next week. I won’t judge, whatever you do. This is exactly what I have planned, except with less people and more food.

I am linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites. Be sure to visit her ’cause she’s awesome, and maybe join in the party.

11 thoughts on “Favorites – Stalker Cats

  1. Your cat in the sink is too cute!! Makes me kind of want a cat and then I remember the litter box 😉 haha. And those little piggies around that biker, the cutest!


  2. I am loving that maxi dress as well! I think maxi dresses are becoming my favorite thing to wear in the summer! My 2 cats do the same, they are crazy. Sometimes I think I actually have dogs also, lol!


  3. With less people and more food <--- cracked me up! Ummmmm I totally have that maxi dress sitting in my cart. I love the back detail please let me know how it is when it arrives so I can scoop it up before it sells out. That mid action race shot is awesome!! Can your kitty in the sink be any cuter??? Thanks for linking up girl!!! Hope your weekend is baller status 😉


  4. that dress is so pretty! hope its as awesome in person. dont want to be debbie downer but none of f21 dresses worked for me, womp womp. love the kitty pics, so cute! and that race pic is pure badass. and piggies!! you win. lol


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