Humpday Confessions

Happy Humpday confessions day! Let’s get down to it…

Sometimes I eat Chipotle twice in one week. It’s my vegan paradise, with extra guacamole.

I finally watched Frozen, and I love singing Let It Go. There was a little girl at the Spartan Race singing it Sunday, and I wanted to join in, but probably would have been weird.

I got stuck in traffic today, but it was kinda my fault. My husband texted me earlier in the day to let me know that I would have to take a different way to work, because they closed down part of the interstate I take due to the bridge not passing inspection and having the possibility of collapsing. Seems like something I would remember, right? Nope. Got stuck in the detour traffic and was late to work. Why can’t I remember things??

Bought this shit. Ate this shit. It’s delicious. I love guacamole and hummus, and together they make super delicious food.

I still check the backseat of my car when I get into it after leaving work at night. Because there could be a lurker. Or a panther.

I like to pee alone, and I judge public places based on their bathrooms. Are they clean? Is there music playing in the background? Why don’t all places play music in their bathrooms? No one really wants to listen to other people pee and fart that much. The more private the bathroom, the better. Props to those places with big stalls with doors that reach almost to the floor. That is one classy bathroom.

Linking up with Kathy today! Have a fantastic Wednesday.

13 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

  1. haha I still haven't watched Frozen and Im not even ashamed of that. Also Guacamole Hummus? Never even heard of that and to be honest Im kind of afraid to even try that combination. lol


  2. OMG that supernatural episode where he's scared of things, rolling on the floor laughing. HIlarious.
    im really bad with listening and remembering too. oops.
    let it go! i have no shame! the other day we were at dinner at do you want to build a snowman (instrumental) came on and i sang the.whole.thing.
    yay big bathroom doors! and music! i get mad when people clearly hold their business because im in there, and im like GROW UP and then on the other hand, im like thank you for being quiet and waiting till i leave. haha.


  3. bathroom cleanliness is what i check for all the time. hotel room? i make a beeline for the bathroom and if it's not up to my standards, i demand a new room.

    i love bathrooms where they have doors that go from ceiling to floor and tiled walls; makes me feel like i can take a dump in comfort and privacy

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda


  4. I am so with you on checking my car whenever I get in it and also to places with more private bathrooms. I think it should be required to play music in bathrooms.


  5. OMG yes to all of your confessions! Especially the judging public places by their bathroom and checking the backseat when hopping into the car! Because….who knows?! Also, I watch Criminal Minds too much…


  6. Let It Go is AWESOME. And yes, I confess that I listen to the Disney station on Pandora so I can sing my heart out on my way to work in the morning. Lol. And I check the back seat every time. You just never know…


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