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Weekend Adventures

I am SO pooped!! Just spent all morning at the DMV and spent an ungodly amount of money to renew my title and transfer it to Delaware. No sales tax is awesome, but 400 bucks to drive around here?? They are out of their mind!

On the bright side, our 3-day weekend was fantastic. Greg and I took a trip to Ricketts Glen State Park to see PA’s waterfalls, one of which Greg almost immediately fell into. He refused to wear the proper footwear and the first waterfall we get to, he almost tumbles right into. I’m sure he will disagree with the details of this story, but whatever, it’s my blog. Wear proper WATERFALL SHOES!

His beard also came along. We will miss you, beard. He had to shave it off yesterday, because he can’t have it at work, and he is starting back today.

When I get into a woodland-type scenario, I automatically begin to prance everywhere.

The prancing makes me happy.

Greg has a fascination with throwing things into waterfalls. When we were in Niagara Falls, he threw a piece of hard candy tumbling down. Here he is staring wistfully at a stick he just threw in.

These were some crazy big waterfalls! The trail was not easy; we hiked up and down steep stone steps covered with mud and water. We saw a total of 18 waterfalls, the highest of which is 94 feet tall.

I can’t help myself around large, climb-y things.

Did you go anywhere this weekend?
Are you a fan of hiking?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. oh my gosh, look how cute you are prancing. haha love that pic! looks like you all had fun, i'm not a hiker and would probably wear waterfall inappropriate shoes! lol


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