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Friday Favorites : Travel

I have travel fever, lately, and nothing to do about it, besides post about how travel crazy I am. And as soon as I’ve been somewhere a few days, I know I’d get homesick.

This is one of the only foreign places I’ve been, besides Canada. This is the day that Greg almost dropped his GoPro (camera) in a Jamaican river. I also got a cool scar from when our tubes slammed together going down the rapids, and I ripped a piece of skin off my wrist.

It didn’t hurt that bad, but I admit I couldn’t stop thinking of horror movies where alien parasites take over your body.

So here are my Friday favorites, travel edition:

17 Amazing Trips for Animal Lovers

Volunteering to work with pandas. Hugging and feeding pandas every day sounds like a place that I would love to be.
Vadim Petrakov / shutterstock.com
Angel Falls, Venezuela. The real life inspiration for Up! All of these places are incredible. I could daydream about them all day.

This site is hilarious; it’s a stockpile of weird and funny reviews from TripAdvisor.com, such as:

“the weather was a big disappointment first off- it was cold, wet, rainy, windy – felt like being back in UK. Then you only get to POKE a dolphin, the whole thing is so restricted, it makes you think, “I’ve payed a grand for this, and they arent letting me even give it a proper hug or whatever. Also, the guy went nuts when my finger was within 30cm of its blowhole.” – jadedghiacand


Honestly, I am lost. I have a terrible sense of direction. Abominable. But this quote makes me feel better. Maybe I am just enjoying my ride.

Just don’t do this:

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Are you traveling this weekend?
Where’s the next place you want to go?
Any weird travel experiences?

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Travel

  1. omg that last pic, dying.
    i have travel fever alllllll the time. oh your poor wrist!!! ouch! alien parasites! haha.
    i want to visit real life fairytale places. the castle in germany (first on that list) is my dreeeam.


  2. So jealous you have been to Jamaica, I would love to go one day! Also those pandas are too darling and those falls are dreamy! Couldn't imagine seeing a view that beautiful in person, I've never seen a real waterfall before.

    Dearest Lou


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