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Best/Worst Fictional Places

I decided to follow in Amanda’s footsteps from a post she wrote a while ago and pick some fictional places I wish I could visit. Then I realized there are a lot of fictional places I would probably NOT want to visit, so here are my top three best/worst.

Best Fictional Places:

I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and Rory was my hero. Even though things got weird and she stole a boat later. Lorelai ran a sweet bed and breakfast, and it seems like a cozy town. I just want to go to Luke’s and get some pancakes and coffee, then go watch all those weird, quirky residents. In my daydreams, when I live here, I fit right in because I live on the edge of town with about a thousand goats and cats.
Sure, Rivendell is beautiful, but Hobbiton is so much more fun and inviting. I would definitely be more of a hobbit lady than an elf. I am not coordinated enough to ride down banisters while shooting a bow and arrow. The Shire is a gorgeous place; I would love to visit there. Also, I love food and fireworks, so I would fit right in.
“YER A WIZARD, HARRY!” are the words I’ve always wanted to hear, minus the Harry. My all-time favorite fictional place is Hogwarts. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Again, delicious, seemingly-neverending food. Big comfy couches and beds! Then there’s Hogsmeade, and the hippogriffs, owls, and butterbeer!! Plus getting to take magic classes instead of math classes. I want to go there right now.
Worst Fictional Places:
This movie probably gave me the most nightmares as a kid. Tyrannosaurs and raptors running around. Get that shit under control!! In theory, I would love this place. In practice, I know the dinosaurs would always escape. Always.
Some books you read and wish you could be there. Not The Hunger Games. Even the Capital district is too crazy to enjoy, and the rest are miserable. I also have no sense of direction and would get lost in the Games while trying to hide from the other contestants.
Does the sun ever come to Gotham? It’s the ultimate crime capital of the fictional world. Corruption, gangs, murders, etc. I can’t think of any reason to visit unless you are lethal yourself or have some impressive bodyguards.
Do you agree?
What places would you / would you NOT visit?

6 thoughts on “Best/Worst Fictional Places

  1. I always kick myself because I didn't watch Gilmore Girls. Time to cue that up on Netflix!

    I'd go to The Shire but nowhere else in the Ring trilogy. I'd also drop in on Gotham (with impressive bodyguards) but want to leave immediately.


  2. yes yes yes. i would love to go to the shire, but i would be like gandalf bumping his head everywhere. and oh my gosh i loved gilmore girls, i would absolutely be besties with Lorelai, Rory kinda but less in the last couple of years. I just love Lorelai and Luke. and Hogwarts, fo shiz. I love the spin you took on it!


  3. So funny, I followed Amanda's lead and did this same post on Wednesday as well 🙂 We must have been on the same wave length! Hogwarts was on the top of my list as well! If only it were real… haha And Jurassic Park is such a good choice- but I would be WAY too scared!


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