Summer Haul

I know I’ve been at work all day when I almost start my blog entry off with, “Hi team,” aka the greeting for every email I ever send at work. Not that I have a problem with that phrase, but it is not blog appropriate!

I found so many awesome things when I went to Target yesterday. They had some crazy deals, so naturally, I went a little crazy. I got a few things to add to my summer work wardrobe, which was in desperate need of new pieces.

These pants are SO SOFT. Like pajamas, seriously. Couldn’t find the exact pair online, but they are Merona brand, and you might find them in store. They hugged my legs all day today. I bought one pair in green and one in black. I’ve never owned ponte pants, but I believe these qualify. Bonus pre-leap cat in the background.

Top: Exact // Pants: Similar // Shoes: Exact

Close-up of the shirt:

They have coupons both online & on Cartwheel right now (3 things I got were 20% off).

Other recent haul:

1 – Forever 21 // 2 – Old Navy // 3 – Old Navy // 4 – Forever 21 // 5 – Forever 21
It has been smokin’ here, lately! When I run outside, I tie my key onto my shoestring. I’m always afraid that when I crawl/roll/lurch my way back to my house after a particularly sweaty run, I’m going to lean over to untie my key from my shoe, and pass out into a shrubbery.
Add that to my list of weird fears, alongside spiders descending from the ceiling (it has happened way too often), and whatever my cats do while I’m sleeping.
Don’t underestimate them. One of my cats opened the freezer today (we have a standard fridge like this), and then stood on top of the door while it was swinging around wildly.

4 thoughts on “Summer Haul

  1. So jealous, I need to do some spring shopping so badly! Do you like your old navy workout leggings? I need to invest in some actual athletic leggings instead of doubling up on cotton leggings at the gym because they are too see through…


  2. I love that pelpum top! I've been wanting to try one forever! I need to check out Old Navy as well! I have a few pair of leggings/thicker leggings from there from ages ago that I love!


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