Humpday Confessions

Time for some confessions…

1. I am addicted to pug pictures. I have so many puppy pictures saved to my phone. I just want to cuddle them all. This Buzzfeed post really isn’t fair.

2. Likewise with cat pictures. I’m looking at you, Buzzfeed. I can’t even read that post without crying a little bit.
3. Once, I wrecked my car while I was eating a salad. College was a hard time. I smashed the car into the back of a semi-truck stopped at a traffic light. It was also french dressing, so it looked like an army of vicious squirrels had recently battled in my car. Red all over. Now, if I eat in my car I stick to more practical foods.
4. Last night I dreamt about pizza. Don’t hate.
5. I recently became vegan, hence the pizza dreams. So far, it’s not bad, except when I have PMS and my crazy body is craving cheese!!!
6. Sometimes I wake up, get out of bed, eat oatmeal, then fall asleep again on the couch. I work evenings, so it’s not uncommon. I just really, really love naps.
7. My coworker was telling me the other day that girls are always hungry and cold, which I agree with. It also made me realize that girls are like polar bears.

5 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

  1. omg so many lols. that first gif. that cat picture (now i need to read that buzzfeed article) and the salad in your car story, holy hilarious! mmmm pizza. kudos for going vegan lady. i love naps. my favourite nap is after i have done nothing to warrant it. haha!


  2. Those are the best naps. “I'm SO exhausted from sitting here watching 10 episodes of Scrubs. Guess I'll just take a nap.”


  3. Lmao at the salad wreck! And vegan, I would not, I could not – ever. I love bacon and cheese too much. Like, wayyyy more than I should.

    And I am totally a polar bear right now. I'm freezing my ass off in my office and I'm STARVING since I had to work through lunch. Damn deadlines!

    ♥ Duckie.


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