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Friday Favorites

Is it Friday already? We’ve almost made it through the week. I have an epic day of work to fling myself through (at least it’s overtime, woo), and then the weekend begins. Here are some of my favorites this week:


My landlord’s dog came to see what we were doing while we were trying to stuff our humongous AC back in the window (the back of our apartment looks into their backyard). He’s super sweet, I just wanna hug him.

And then there’s my cat, Luna, who obviously ain’t got time for that.

Just kidding, she’s sweet, too. Except when it comes to food, then she will cut a bitch.


I made these cookies, and they were so incredibly chewy and soft. I eat vegan, but even Greg liked these, and he is a regular-milk & meat guy. I replaced half the coconut oil with Earth Balance, so they didn’t taste even a little coconuty this time to me.

Things to Do:

I want to hug all the cats like this.

Friday – I’m just at work like

Dreaming of how crazy the weekend will be.

But there’s a real possibility there may be napping involved.
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Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you again next week! Go find a cat to hug.


Humpday Confessions

I am taking a break from watching Game of Thrones for about 5 seconds (so amazing), so let’s get straight into my weekly confessions…

I have never eaten a whole pizza. I feel like the confession should be the other way around, but most people I talk to seem to have eaten a whole pizza at some point in their lives. Did I miss this mile marker?

I am still haunted by the most embarrassing moment of my life. It occurred on a sunny day back in elementary school. My teacher had a poem on the projector which we were supposed to be copying. My desk happened to be next to the projector. With no warning whatsoever, a horrific sneeze came out of me, and which way did I turn? Towards the projector. Boogers. All up on the board. My teacher said, “It happens to everyone.” Even then, I knew she was making it up.

My coworker makes me want to snap everytime she tells someone how good she is at something. My boss was once talking to her about how he walks on the treadmill sometimes, and she said that she likes to go on the treadmill for an hour and then the elliptical for an hour. That would be a workout obsession, and ain’t nobody got time for that. And I don’t believe a word she says.

Every time I see a pop tart, my mouth waters a little bit. Completely unsatisfying as a food, but it has crunchy icing and rainbow sprinkles.

How do people on TV always have so much time for hanging out with so many friends? I barely have time to eat my oatmeal while lying on the couch watching Game of Thrones, followed by a quick drool-filled nap, as it is.

My pet peeve is people who have to tell you how great they are. If they were that great, they wouldn’t have to try to convince everyone. Oh, you want to tell me how your life choices are better than everyone else’s?

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Vodka and Soda
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Weekend Adventures

I am SO pooped!! Just spent all morning at the DMV and spent an ungodly amount of money to renew my title and transfer it to Delaware. No sales tax is awesome, but 400 bucks to drive around here?? They are out of their mind!

On the bright side, our 3-day weekend was fantastic. Greg and I took a trip to Ricketts Glen State Park to see PA’s waterfalls, one of which Greg almost immediately fell into. He refused to wear the proper footwear and the first waterfall we get to, he almost tumbles right into. I’m sure he will disagree with the details of this story, but whatever, it’s my blog. Wear proper WATERFALL SHOES!

His beard also came along. We will miss you, beard. He had to shave it off yesterday, because he can’t have it at work, and he is starting back today.

When I get into a woodland-type scenario, I automatically begin to prance everywhere.

The prancing makes me happy.

Greg has a fascination with throwing things into waterfalls. When we were in Niagara Falls, he threw a piece of hard candy tumbling down. Here he is staring wistfully at a stick he just threw in.

These were some crazy big waterfalls! The trail was not easy; we hiked up and down steep stone steps covered with mud and water. We saw a total of 18 waterfalls, the highest of which is 94 feet tall.

I can’t help myself around large, climb-y things.

Did you go anywhere this weekend?
Are you a fan of hiking?

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Friday Favorites : Travel

I have travel fever, lately, and nothing to do about it, besides post about how travel crazy I am. And as soon as I’ve been somewhere a few days, I know I’d get homesick.

This is one of the only foreign places I’ve been, besides Canada. This is the day that Greg almost dropped his GoPro (camera) in a Jamaican river. I also got a cool scar from when our tubes slammed together going down the rapids, and I ripped a piece of skin off my wrist.

It didn’t hurt that bad, but I admit I couldn’t stop thinking of horror movies where alien parasites take over your body.

So here are my Friday favorites, travel edition:

17 Amazing Trips for Animal Lovers

Volunteering to work with pandas. Hugging and feeding pandas every day sounds like a place that I would love to be.
Vadim Petrakov /
Angel Falls, Venezuela. The real life inspiration for Up! All of these places are incredible. I could daydream about them all day.

This site is hilarious; it’s a stockpile of weird and funny reviews from, such as:

“the weather was a big disappointment first off- it was cold, wet, rainy, windy – felt like being back in UK. Then you only get to POKE a dolphin, the whole thing is so restricted, it makes you think, “I’ve payed a grand for this, and they arent letting me even give it a proper hug or whatever. Also, the guy went nuts when my finger was within 30cm of its blowhole.” – jadedghiacand


Honestly, I am lost. I have a terrible sense of direction. Abominable. But this quote makes me feel better. Maybe I am just enjoying my ride.

Just don’t do this:

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Are you traveling this weekend?
Where’s the next place you want to go?
Any weird travel experiences?

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Best/Worst Fictional Places

I decided to follow in Amanda’s footsteps from a post she wrote a while ago and pick some fictional places I wish I could visit. Then I realized there are a lot of fictional places I would probably NOT want to visit, so here are my top three best/worst.

Best Fictional Places:

I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and Rory was my hero. Even though things got weird and she stole a boat later. Lorelai ran a sweet bed and breakfast, and it seems like a cozy town. I just want to go to Luke’s and get some pancakes and coffee, then go watch all those weird, quirky residents. In my daydreams, when I live here, I fit right in because I live on the edge of town with about a thousand goats and cats.
Sure, Rivendell is beautiful, but Hobbiton is so much more fun and inviting. I would definitely be more of a hobbit lady than an elf. I am not coordinated enough to ride down banisters while shooting a bow and arrow. The Shire is a gorgeous place; I would love to visit there. Also, I love food and fireworks, so I would fit right in.
“YER A WIZARD, HARRY!” are the words I’ve always wanted to hear, minus the Harry. My all-time favorite fictional place is Hogwarts. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Again, delicious, seemingly-neverending food. Big comfy couches and beds! Then there’s Hogsmeade, and the hippogriffs, owls, and butterbeer!! Plus getting to take magic classes instead of math classes. I want to go there right now.
Worst Fictional Places:
This movie probably gave me the most nightmares as a kid. Tyrannosaurs and raptors running around. Get that shit under control!! In theory, I would love this place. In practice, I know the dinosaurs would always escape. Always.
Some books you read and wish you could be there. Not The Hunger Games. Even the Capital district is too crazy to enjoy, and the rest are miserable. I also have no sense of direction and would get lost in the Games while trying to hide from the other contestants.
Does the sun ever come to Gotham? It’s the ultimate crime capital of the fictional world. Corruption, gangs, murders, etc. I can’t think of any reason to visit unless you are lethal yourself or have some impressive bodyguards.
Do you agree?
What places would you / would you NOT visit?
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Dirt Cake on the Weekend

Our weekend was very relaxed, because Greg said he had studying to do (HA, like that happened) and we were feeling beat from our week. We went shopping on Saturday for our new camera, which I love and can’t wait to use more.

We did some useful stuff, like get my tires rotated and put the A/C back in, because I was sweating so freaking much last week. Naturally, now I’m freezing!!

Sunday was pancake day (hint: Sunday is ALWAYS pancake day).

Despite me freaking out, because, “We don’t have any vegetable OIL?????” which I learned was donated to Greg’s chicken wing cause, they turned out delicious. I could write a song about how much I love pancakes, but I don’t know the words to describe it.

We also went to see Godzilla, which was really good.

It really put me in the mood for some Jurassic Park. Too bad the new one’s not coming out anytime soon. Need more dinosaurs! Godzilla’s not a dinosaur, obviously, but he was a beast. I wish I could roar like Godzilla; I would scare the shit out of my cats.

Then we made some Vegan Dirt Cake, based off this recipe.

We substituted Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s for Oreos, because Oreo’s always make my stomach ache. SO good. Tastes just like regular dirt cake.

Are you a fan of dirt cake?
Have you seen Godzilla?
Any movies in theater I should see?


Kitties in the Sun

I finally bought my first big girl camera this weekend, a Nikon D3200. It’s apparently entry-level, but there are so many buttons and settings on it, we are still exploring them all. I’m going to be on the hunt for some kind of online photography class soon, because I don’t know a lot about cameras. We had so much fun playing with it, and we took the cats out while the weather was gorgeous. Greg is a natural button-pusher, so he has already figured out 5x as much as I have.

Laying around and rolling in the rocks is their favorite thing. No actual walking is involved in our cat walking. Sometimes I bring a book, because all they want to do is lie there enjoying the sun.

Luna (above) loves to explore, but Boba is a scaredy cat. I tried to take only Luna outside once, so she could walk farther and I wouldn’t have to hold on to two cats, but Boba sat in the window crying until I let him out, too. Silly boy. Last time he tried to catch a bee between his paws and, thankfully, missed.

Shirt: Forever 21 // Tank: Forever 21 // Leggings: Old Navy /// Boots: Steve Madden