And Then I Bought Cat Bungee Leashes

What to do when stressing out over major life decisions? Attach your cats to bungee rope leashes and “walk” them around. Or sit on the steps while they roll around in the dirt.

We are back from our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time in Jamaica doing nothing but laying on the beach, reading, drinking, and riding in the most terrifying shuttle ride of my life. Traffic in Jamaica. Is. Craaaazy. Like ‘wear extra underwear ’cause you’re gonna poop your pants’ crazy.

I am wrestling with more military-life decisions right now. I have a terrible time trying to pick a cereal every week, so it’s easy for me to turn decisions over and over in my head. We are also dealing with a family emergency, so things are unpredictable, but we are doing our best. Hopefully, the boat will even out soon, but until then, hold on tight.

The cats are crazy for the outside. Boba punched a bee in the face today. I did not approve, but he seemed happy with himself.

Also, please please please watch this video. It’s some of my favorite 47 seconds ever. FENTOOOOOON!

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