It’s Official

We are the Mr and Mrs. Just don’t call me Mrs, yet. I was so nervous, my cheek was twitching. I AM SO HAPPY! Now, two days of work left and it’s vacation/honeymoon time.

Our courthouse wedding was perfect. Now maybe I will not be so nervous for the next ceremony, but who am I kidding? We are planning for an official ceremony next year with the whole family. This was our *supposed-to-be-secret* wedding, but I couldn’t keep it from my mom, so we ended up telling everyone. ❤

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The Post Office Hates Your Rainbows

I decided to bake my mom some cookies and send them to her for her birthday, since she lives a few states away. This is what I sent her over one month ago:

And this is the crushed pile of rainbows that arrived at her house a couple days ago:

Apparently, they put the wrong zip code in the bar code and nobody was smart enough to read the address, so it floated between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC for a whole month. At first I was mad, because the cookies missed her birthday and I wanted her to get rainbow cookies dammit. Then, I made her some blondie brownies to make up for it, and was amused to see how long the package would tour the states. After a month of traveling, they’ve obviously had a great time and been through some stuff, so I’m glad they made it home.

Thank goodness it’s Friday. May it be as happy as my cat looks perched on this straining rocking chair.


What’s In My Cloud?

Sometimes I feel like I have a cloud tied to my finger by a string and I take it with me everywhere. Not a bad cloud or an angry cloud, just a cloud full of stuff. The ‘did I turn the lights off?’ cloud. The ‘is my biological clock ticking??’ cloud.
I don’t like to share my cloud. It’s mine and, unfortunately, I can’t hire a babysitter to take it out for a while. I get nervous about sharing some things here. Not the embarrassing things; I’d tell you if I had a third boob or punted a child accidentally (I don’t have a third boob. I just went to the doctor for a ‘weird mole.’ It was a skin tag. I will alert you if it begins mutating into a boob on my back.)
I am full of news which I haven’t shared, but I’ve decided to write about it in in the hopes of feeling a little lighter. First, I’m getting married. It’s still a secret from certain people at work, but it’s happening soon! So soon, I am hoping my dress and shoes get here in time.
I don’t know where to begin, so I’m going to Tarantino this story and get straight to the end. I’m getting deployed in a few months (can’t say where or when exactly, secret info of course), and G and I wanted to get married before I leave.
I know all bloggers may not understand the lifestyle of military or Guard, so I’ve been hesitant to share. Both G and I are in the Guard and it gives us a lot of benefits. It is a little weird lifestyle, though, and I know it may not be what most are used to.
G and I have been dating for 7+ years, and I’m so happy to have finally gotten here. Our plan was to secretly get married before I left, but he proposed on New Year’s Eve, and I didn’t wait very long before I told my mom. And then we told his parents, and so on and so forth.
We are having a courthouse wedding in less than a week, and next year we are planning on having a full ceremony that we can invite the families to.
Also, a couple days after our courthouse wedding, we are going to Jamaica!! Our first time ever. It also explains my money cloud above, ’cause vacation has me broke.
And that’s my news. So maybe I will tie this cloud to a post, just for tonight, while I get some sleep.