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Catmas / Santa Claus Visits

Is this thing on? Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and got everything they were wishing for.

This is probably not exactly what my cat was hoping for, but he’s learned to live with it. This time comes but once a year.

I got a hair cut a couple days ago, just to get rid of my split ends. I loved the hair dresser; we talked about our pets and her dog throwing a soggy squirrel corpse at her face, which turned out to be a stuffed animal. Basically, pets are there to terrorize and love you at the same time.

She even curled it for me without me even asking! Now if I only knew how to do that myself as easily as she did. I set up an appointment for color next week, so I am crossing my fingers. I’m not sure exactly what I want yet, besides ombre.

I almost always wear my hair in a braid at work, so coming in with it down was a surprise to some coworkers the other day. I came in with it in a bun on top of my head today, and one of my coworkers exclaims, “What happened to your hair???? It was so nice the other day.” Thanks, sorry it looks like a pile of llama poop today.

I got a HUGE surprise at Christmas. Greg’s family and mine went in with him on my/our gift, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time. When I unwrapped my gift, I found a Macbook Pro. I’m still in shock and so amazed. I am glad we can both use it, especially since he is in school.

Does anyone else have a Mac? I’ve used one before but mine was a much older version. Any tips I should know about? I’m a little worried about using up the space, but I could use my external hard drive if I need to.

9 thoughts on “Catmas / Santa Claus Visits

  1. Well I was wishing for a photo of a cat in an elf outfit, so I got what I wanted. SO CUTE.
    What a great gift!! I have a Macbook Air, I love it. The only time I use up the space is when I download like 8 seasons of a show at once. And it warns me first, so usually emptying the trash frees up enough space.


  2. Yes, it's so FANCY. I am afraid to touch it, it's so nice. I'm back to frazzled hobo hair today. She did it in 10 minutes; I have no idea how!! I can spend 45 minutes and still look like I've been fried by an electrical socket.


  3. Love your hair! I really have got to do something with mine. And oh my goodness…you cat! I have two black cats and if I tried to dress them up I might lose an eyeball. Ha.

    Glad I found your blog!


  4. Merry (late) Christmas!!

    Your cat looks adorable. That outfit is just great! Maybe my cat would be more humored with her outfits if they were as sparky as that one. xD

    As far as hair goes, I've started running my fingers through my a hair a bunch (or even running a brush through my hair) after I curl it, then hair spray it and I think it looks kinda salon-ish. Maybe try that? I hate spending forever on myself in the morning, so I curl my hair in fairly large chunks and try not to spend more than 10 mins curling it (I'm totally a crazy lady lol!). As far as buns go though, they're so super cute!

    Hope you have a super great weekend!


  5. Most of the time our cats just fall over like chopped down trees and lay there in silent distress until we take the outfit off. They are not clothes fans. I'm not ruling out that they may poke us in the eye one day.


  6. Found the outfit in the one spot at Target! Score.

    I tried to curl my hair like she did using an actual curling iron the other day, and that's when I realized my curling iron has bit the dust. It gave a feeble attempt. I am on the hunt for a decent curling iron that is easy to use. I hate how long it takes to get ready, too! Need to find something super easy that I will probably not burn my eye out with


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