Shelter In the Storm

Our week has looked kind of like this:

Not that I’m complaining, because firenadoes are a real thing, so it could be worse. Much worse.

 It has looked like this recently, but finally it stopped snowing, and the roads are clear. I did almost fall on my butt this morning walking outside on my way to the gym.

Moving to Delaware from South Carolina, I was so excited for snow. Then a couple years ago, I spun around in my car at least 3 times in a one week span, and I have a different view of snow now. Every time I see snow, I see BLIZZARDNADO-POCALYPSE, and do not want to drive anywhere. I do have a new car now, though, which is a tiny beast in the snow.

Walking a couple miles in the snow to get some Wawa has made me realize I do not own any worthy snow boots. I need to shop for some waterproof boots, ’cause wet socks are not cool. We spent the day snuggling this comatose-looking cat and cooking dinner.

Did you get any snow around your area? Are you a snow fan or a snow hermit like myself?

2 thoughts on “Shelter In the Storm

  1. They are for real. Believe me; one time I had to do a PowerPoint about tornadoes. I don't know why this isn't a higher priority in tornado safety training – people need to know!!!!


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