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Pecan Pie and Evil Bears

The Thanksgiving feasting is over, and I had a short return back to work for one day. Thursday definitely felt like Saturday, and I did not feel like working today. Work was not bad, though, and now I get to relax a little longer.

We have Thanksgiving at Greg’s parents every year, because they’re only an hour away. This year, I made a ton of foood!! Sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, apple pie pull-apart bread, and my first pecan pie.

I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe; it was delicious. We crumbled the crust a little bit, but the best part is the middle anyway. There are still leftovers in the fridge whispering my name.

After all the food, I definitely had a case of the -itis, so the rest of the night was spent snuggling kitties on the couch. I’m laughing here, because Luna is laying on me with just her butt sticking out; she stayed like that for a while.

Verizon is giving out free Encore and Starz this weekend, so we spent the night re-watching Wreck It Ralph and Brave. I love those movies, especially Brave; made me cry the first time I saw it – it’s so sweet!

Also, once while I was on a training week where we lived in tents, I had a nightmare, and the bear in my dream looked exactly like the evil bear from Brave. When I woke up, I had to go outside to pee!!! Scariest bathroom trip ever.

If you can’t remember, it looked like this. Thanks for the nightmares, Disney.

Next goal: figure out Christmas presents! I got Greg this pistol crossbow thing for our anniversary (romantic, right haha), which he loves. I think he has enough weapons for now, although I can tell his dad is jealous of it, so we might get him one.

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