Flyers Weekend

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are not a bad way to start your Sunday. You probably already knew that, but damn I love cinnamon rolls. We definitely ate all of these today. Well, I ate three, so you do the math of who ate the rest of them.

The first part of our weekend was spent walking around Philly, with me dragging G to various shops and him browsing Reddit on his phone while I shopped in Sephora. By shopping, I mean trying different eyeshadows and lotions on my hands and walking out empty-handed, because, honestly, if I buy one thing, I might as well buy 18 of them.

We stopped at the Franklin Flea, which was cool. It’s a winter flea market that goes on inside one of the historic buildings there.

I was looking for Christmas gifts, but didn’t find anything. G did find some delicious hot sauce called Hank Sauce; I didn’t try any because I was trying to recover from cramps I had earlier that day, but he bought the Camouflage and thought it was tasty.

Finally, we went to our/my first professional hockey game! We saw the Flyers v the Islanders. We were rooting for the Flyers (who did win), but it was a great game all around. I prefer hockey to baseball or basketball; it’s much more intense! I haven’t been to a pro football game yet.

Are these girls not super cold?? Haha I was wearing a coat and covered up in G’s jacket; looks like they would be freezing.

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4 thoughts on “Flyers Weekend

  1. Oh YUM! Those cinnamon rolls… I wish they were in my belly right MEOW! I'm not a sports girl but if I had to pick a “favorite” hockey would definitely be IT! It's easy to follow along and the fights keep things interesting for me! haha 🙂


  2. Hockey is my favorite game to go to so far. I like how a guy can slam another guy into the wall without any cards getting pulled. There was almost one fight; I thought it was gonna happen, and was hoping x).


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