Flannel and Fox

Can we all agree that it is not okay to go into the ladies room to talk on your cell phone at work? Is the person on the other end weirded out by the random tinkling sounds and flushing of toilets? Look, it’s already bad enough I have to pee with someone else in the room. Then, you’re going to broadcast it? It’s been bothering me, lately!

I mentioned the other day I went a little crazy at Old Navy during the big sale (+ extra 10% for being military, yay! I’ll go into that one day – we’re Guard, for a whole other topic). I found this lovely red flannel top and I bought a couple of their cute printed thermals to wear layered. They do actually have a 30% off running again today online (don’t they always, haha).

Do your coworkers have annoying habits? Are you okay with the cell phone in the bathroom or is it a no for you?

Glossy Blonde

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