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Weekend Shenanigans

Hello Monday, you have surprised me yet again. I had a great weekend – I can’t believe it’s already time for me to run around like a hamster with no head at work. That sounds grosser than chicken. Let’s stick with chicken with no head. But I still think a headless hamster would run faster than a headless chicken.

Anyway, this weekend I learned that my cats don’t appreciate dance. Greg left me alone on Saturday, because he volunteered to work the football game. I took the time alone to finally work on the painting I started months ago. I played Alt J’s album while I was painting, and their music definitely has a the music took me over, and the dancing began. You would think it would be hard to dance and paint at the same time, and it is. But it’s worth it. My cats do not get my dancing, however. Or they were so mesmerized by my interpretive dance skills, they couldn’t stop staring.

Then Greg came home and asked me to please stop doing that, and we went to Old Navy, where I went shopping crazy during their Veteran’s Day sale. I’ll probably post what I found later, but one of my favorites is this huge cozy infinity scarf:

Honeycomb Stitch Infinity Scarf

Then, Sunday we stayed home and cleaned our whole apartment; it needed it bad. I even scrubbed our shower tiles! We also made this DELICIOUS chicken cordon bleu roll-up’s recipe. They were so good, and there was so much swiss cheese – nommm.

We finished up the night by catching up on The Walking Dead. I have no idea who that shirtless guy is, but Norman Reedus is holding a puppy.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Do you do anything your pets just don’t understand?

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